Fairy tale

“Let me tell you a story about a girl who came out.”


Once upon a time there was a girl living in a kingdom far, far away. She wasn’t a princess and she certainly wasn’t the fairest in the land, but she had a wonderful family and she was happy. Over the years, young men tried to seek her hand but she refused them all until one day she met her prince. He was good and kind and just and everybody loved him and, in time, so did she. 


They bought a small house in their village and life trickled contentedly by. They made plans for their future and talked about having a family one day. One beautiful spring day they received an invitation to a party in another kingdom. 


“We must go!” the girl cried. “A great many of my old friends will be there and I should so much like to see them again.” 


And so off they went, travelling for many days and nights until they arrived at a beautiful castle in a strange and exotic land. The girl was overjoyed to see her old friends and they celebrated for many nights, eating at tables bursting with every good thing and drinking mead until she felt dizzy.  


There was one girl there she hadn’t met before and this girl was the fairest, sweetest, kindest and loveliest girl she had ever known. Her name was Swiss. The girl was enchanted by Swiss and as the days passed they grew closer and it felt as if they had always known one another. 


After they left the castle she thought of Swiss often. The more she thought about Swiss the sadder she became. Her prince, seeing her woe, did everything he could to cheer her up. He picked fresh flowers from the woodland for her, bought fine foods and wine and took her to many beautiful kingdoms but still she could not shake the deep sadness in her heart.   


Although she still loved her prince she knew it would be wrong to keep him with her, feeling sad as she was. And so they parted ways and, being the kind man he was, he was never angry or cruel and she wept all the more for his good heart. 


For years she didn’t see or hear from Swiss and she accepted that she would probably never see her again. She had other friendships but none of them could compare to the girl who had touched her heart all those years ago.  


And then one day, out of the blue, she got a letter from Swiss.


“I’m coming to London. Can we meet?”


To be continued. 



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