A 1940s birthday bash

"It was wonderful spending some quality time together where we could actually talk"

L turned 42 last week (she's getting old) so to celebrate we had a '40s themed birthday party.


This was her first major social occasion since her near-death experience with pancreatitis and also the first birthday in about 25 years where she hasn't been able to have a drop of alcohol!! L hasn't had an easy couple of months with her illness so I wanted to really spoil her. I believe that birthdays should always be celebrated big as we are celebrating the amazing person who is in our lives, so I like to go the extra mile and make it special. L thinks I go a bit OTT, but I don't care.


L decided she wanted to go as Rosie the Riveter in an oversized boiler suit and I just fancied being all dressed up pretty from that era. I had my hair curled and pinned up and my make-up done '40s style by a kind friend, all to add to the effect. One thing I didn't think through was how I wouldn't be able to breastfeed in my dress so I had to slip away upstairs to feed the little milk monster. Didn't fancy stripping to my waist with L's work colleagues!!!


I've been told I should go into party planning because of the attention to detail that I like to go to. I would LOVE that as a job. L said I'd taken it a bit too far with the ID cards that I made each guest carry with their photo in or with the 1940s bingo that I got her best mate to create, but we unfortunately didn't get to play because of the rain! For me, it's all about everyone's experience and for them to have a fun and memorable time.


To add to the theme, we also had a surprise jazz trio playing swing classics to get everyone in the mood, which L absolutely loved. We ended the night with karaoke in between the rain showers. It was a fantastic party and well worth the effort.


The day after the party it was lovely to wake up hangover free, since we had three small ones to attend to and 6am is a lie-in. After a quick trip to the out of hours for Chaotic's toe, which turned out to be infected and fractured, we made use of our guests, left all of the tiny humans with them and went for a rare meal and a movie. It was amazing to have three courses of hot food followed by an uninterrupted showing of Mamma Mia 2. L was in her element doing all these things she loves and it was wonderful spending some quality time together where we could actually talk.


Finally, to end the birthday celebrations, and in keeping with the theme, we attended the Battle Of The Proms concert at Highclere Castle. It's an outdoor concert where we took a picnic and enjoyed this lovely summer weather. We went when I was pregnant with Grace five years ago and have been really looking forward to going again. I booked the tickets as a surprise and, thanks to another kind friend, we had the big girls looked after and we took the tiniest of our tiny ones to join in the fun. It's well worth getting a ticket to one of the shows and they host it at a few different locations in England. A wonderful atmosphere with great music and fireworks along with a spitfire flying past!


All in all, a brilliant week celebrating my most favourite adult human. Happy birthday L xxxx





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