Back to normality

“I'm sure I used to be cool. Or at least cooler than this.”

Normal service has resumed.


As if I needed any more reality checks to remind me that all the hype and excitement of the wedding day was now over, but now I'm surrounded in the most unpleasant of bodily fluids while we try to crack the toilet training of the G Force. Feel like I've got myself a puppy. I'm currently working with bribes. I've taken out a second mortgage in paw patrol mashems along with unlimited use of YouTube to watch this annoying show where someone in America opens toys. Yes literally a show about opening toys. G is absolutely addicted, I on the other hand, HATE it. The voice of the woman is driving me insane but as she will do anything if I let her watch it, I will suffer in silence. Crack on G!


So now I can be regularly seen running round the house like a complete idiot singing, “Wee wee in the potty. Wee wee in the potty!” Inspired by the 90s Look Who's Talking 2. FML! I'm sure I used to be cool. Or at least cooler than this. Sometimes I feel like I'm looking in on my life, and it's not my real life, and what I see is a complete moron! I've stocked up on the winter spice plug-ins in the hope it masks any smell developing from the numerous stains dotted around the house. Guess it's lucky we haven't got our new flooring down yet... and then it dawns on me we could potentially be doing this twice more if we are lucky enough to have a third child. We are crazy!


With that in mind we are back to focussing on making baby number 3. Waiting for all of the test results to find out if I can donate, and if there are any implications for our girls with the genetic testing, has been pretty tense. Thankfully, all of the results have come back absolutely fine so nothing to worry about for any of us and looks like we can carry on as planned - an IVF cycle with half of the eggs collected to go to a recipient.


So what next? Next step is starting treatment which also means that the clinic will match us with a recipient. It also means that I need to confront the paperwork which the recipient and (hopefully) any donor-conceived children will receive. I've been asked to write a goodwill message about why I am donating and then a bit about myself. It's so hard thinking about what to write. I've read what our donor wrote for our girls several times and it's really lovely and inspiring. I am probably overthinking it all but I really want to make it good. Just trying to put myself in their position and what sort of information they would want to know.


L said she wishes baby number 3 would hurry up and get here. We are both feeling really broody seeing lots of new babies appearing. Although L thinks it's all a "faff on" and can't be arsed with "emosh hormones" and just wants the next one here without the "arsing about"!! She's already mentioned her distaste at not drinking for 2 weeks before the baby is due in case she has to drive to the hospital but lucky for me she has researched the cost of a taxi just incase! Don't worry I will try not to inconvenience you too much L, like when Ducklips was due and I wouldn't let you stop for a sandwich while I was having contractions.


We are now on countdown for our holidays and really looking forward to some quality time together with our familymoon coming up. Only problem is we're on high alert for spots as there are 32 cases of chicken pox at the girls nursery and we only have 4 weeks until we fly. Come on kids if you're going to get it, get it now PLEASE!



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