Christmas 2018

"The only thing that was not enjoyable was that bozo elf"

I will not be able to get over the excitement of children at Christmas, and not just on Christmas day. The whole of December, G kept telling us how excited she felt. Just seeing how magical it is for them is a totally warm, belly-goodness feeling. It needs to be bottled up and sold to everybody around the world. The only thing that was not enjoyable was that bozo elf. Why, oh why, did I think it would be a good idea??? When the kids woke up in the morning saying they were excited to see Jupiter, automatically I'd be thinking, "Shit! I've forgot to move the stupid elf again." And I would have to leg it downstairs and try and sling it somewhere mildly amusing. He stayed in our fridge for three whole days. After the first day I put a jumper on him and told the kids, "He is secretly watching you eat your food". My poor kids are so gullible. Next year, the elf may be on holiday for the entire festive season.


Elf life aside this has to be one of our most relaxing and fun Christmas times to date. It is easy to beat last year, when I was eight months pregnant and stressing about pregnancy complications, that's for sure. It was very low key, but just the break we all needed together as a family.


We did the whole extended family bit in a "Christmas, not Christmas" weekend at ours early in December. It was just like regular Christmas with the whole Christmas dinner, present giving and lazing around in Christmas clothes and pyjamas, but a few weeks early so we could enjoy time with both of our families before doing our own thing on Christmas day. The girls had a blast and were completely spoilt rotten. I'm not even sure they would've realised if there wasn't an actual Christmas celebration on Christmas day.


It was just the five of us rockin' it out in our matching Harry Potter pyjamas on the day. I'm desperately trying to get my girls into Harry Potter, but the most excitement they've shown with a non-animated film is to The Greatest Showman, which is sweet but not when they're singing a duet at 5:34 in the morning and it's a work day!


We went round to friends in the afternoon, which we have never done before, and we had a lovely time sharing our special day with amazing people and, of course, eating more food. L surprised me, saying she was up for socialising on Christmas Day. Since I've gone back to work I think someone has stolen the old L and replaced her with this happier, enthusiastic and energetic person who looks the same but is less gruffalo like. Even her patience levels have increased slightly. It's great but weird at the same time!!!
The kids loved their presents, but in all seriousness they looked like they were having the most fun pushing each other up and down our hallway on an empty Amazon delivery box. If only we had known before we had taken out shares in Argos and hobby craft.


All good things have to come to an end and you know you've spent too many days festering around the house in your pyjamas when your children are genuinely alarmed at the suggestion we get dressed and leave the house. Don't you hate crossing that threshold just after Christmas. I sometimes feel like I want to stop time and the world and just continue in the festivities when it's ok to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner for just a little bit longer.


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