Egg donation

Katy Robson-Malone is weighing up egg donation, a chance to give back.

It's been a mad few weeks – even for us!


We've had the wall knocked down at home, on week three without a kitchen, final dress fittings for the wedding, a trip to Wales to meet my five-week-old nephew with delightful newborn snuggles followed by two hours in soft play hell with the stench of deep fried nuggets of doom, which are still haunting me today from my pushchair footmuff, and our little Ducklips has started walking and got her first pair of shoes. To top it all off, L and I are both doing Dry January in a last ditch attempt to be good before the wedding, but both drooling at the thought of drinking wine around our newly constructed kitchen next weekend.


The novelty of eating out every day has worn off as I just want to be in my comfy clothes at home, but on the plus side we have managed to catch up with a lot of people we haven't seen for ages as I'm doing the rounds accepting meal offers from our lovely friends.

Amongst all this, just to add another cup of crazy to the mix, we've been to visit our consultant at the fertility clinic to discuss our options for making baby number three.


Stupidly we turned up early (big mistake!) and they were running late so we were trapped in a confined space with two hungry kids. It was like an endurance test arranged by the clinic to check our suitability to add another tiny human to our family. There were times when we both had the look of “how the hell are we going to cope”. I mean, there are only so many times your children will laugh at you blowing up latex gloves and the bloody iPad was out of battery.


The consultant was offered a manky bit of sausage roll from G-Force, which they politely declined several times before giving in to the adamant toddler (wonder who she gets that from). Supposedly they were going to save it for later! That's what I say when I'm faced with the prospect of having to eat something a snotty bug-ridden child has handed me. Hmm, yummy!


We discussed the prospect of me donating some of my eggs to someone who can't conceive with their own eggs. It's something we briefly looked at when we first started the journey to make babies but at the time it didn't feel right for us and, although a lot of your treatment costs are covered, we didn't feel that a financial incentive was the right reason to do it.


Four years on, and two babies later, we can truly appreciate what our sperm donor has done for us and we are so grateful that our world has been completely turned upside down (for the better!) by having our girls in it. I feel life rich. It is also since having kids that we have met so many people who have/are struggling with conceiving, so to give something back feels like the right thing to do.


It wouldn't all be one-sided though. Egg donation would involve IVF, which would have a greater success rate than the IUI treatment we've had previously, so hopefully we wouldn't need any more sperm as we only have two vials remaining. So fingers crossed we can all benefit from this treatment.


We've been told that it takes quite a while before you find out if you can donate as there's a fairly lengthy screening process involved. The next step for us is to have a counselling session to discuss the implications with donating eggs and to begin blood tests to screen for diseases. So we shall see. And in the meantime I'm gearing myself up for the party we have booked for G-Force’s third birthday next week - L's face will be a picture spending her Sunday afternoon in soft play hell, forced to climb the 12 foot cargo net by G-Force and having to deal with other people's kids and their parents! She's going to be ecstatic…



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