Familymoon so far

“I was so excited about two weeks of family time, I forgot about the 11 hour flight!”


It was really hard to be excited on the run up to the Familymoon since G Force had come down with the pox and we weren't sure if we would make the trip but at the last minute we got a fit to fly letter and skipped our way to the airport two kids in tow, three suitcases, a collection of hand luggage, two car seats and the double buggy which cost more than my car!


I could finally relax and be excited about a whole two weeks of family time, which is exactly what I need before starting IVF. I was so elated about all being together, I wasn't even considering the 11 hour flight, the jet lag or eight hour time difference - we were going on holiday!!!!


We were about four hours into the flight and at about 36,000 feet when we had exhausted all of the entertainment we had packed for the kids. L must've had some sort of realisation when she looked at me and said, "This isn't going to be a relaxing kind of holiday is it? I mean I'm not going to be able to watch a film and have some wine on this flight am I?"


Aww, bless her. Did she really just realise this right now? I felt too sorry for her to give her a WTF face or even an eye-roll so I just smiled sympathetically. Deep down I was laughing hysterically at her innocent (stupid and ridiculous) misconception.


We arrived into Vegas knackered but excited. I was going into this eyes wide open. I knew it would be nothing like the last time we both were here when we wandered round the city from casino to bar to casino in a drunken happy haze then lazed around the pool working on our tan.


For a start, kids aren't allowed in casinos and swimming pools are not quite that relaxing with a one and three-year-old. My Google search was “fun things to do with toddlers in Vegas” and at that point I rolled my eyes at myself for sounding so dull! What I should've searched was “things to do with kids with jet lag”. That would've worked better for us as all the things geared at little kids aren't open in the middle of the night. Midnight they were wide awake ready for the day and so was I, to be honest.


I managed to persuade L, who was being all protective and nervous, to head down the strip and have a look around. I thought it would help tire the kids out. So we had a wander, did some shopping and mingled with the drunks and the homeless in McDonald's. Not quite the start to the holiday we had planned but we were all together so it was good.


We beat the battle of the jet lag on day three. By then we had been to see the sharks at the aquarium, the fountains at the Bellagio, spent an hour at some shitty indoor kids theme park which I can only describe as Metroland to those from the North East, and we also made it to the Rainforest Café, which the kids absolutely loved.


Las Vegas was done. We picked up a car and hit the road. First stop the Hoover dam. The kids were whinging and crying after about 20 minutes in the car. L and I shared a glance. It was a what-the-feck-have-we-done-coming-on-a-road-trip-for-our-holiday look. But five minutes from the largest reservoir in the United States both kids were flat out and we turned the music up and had a little bit of us time. It was bliss while it lasted.

We then made it along Route 66 and headed to the Grand Canyon. It's my second time but it was still as mind-blowing. One of those places you could just sit for hours taking it all in. It's the geography geek in me. Then I saw a fire hydrant right there next to the rim and I was reaching all time super geek excitement levels. We even managed to get a family snap with it in the background (the Grand Canyon, not the fire hydrant) without the kids jumping over the side, which had my heart rate racing every time they toddled around the edge.

I'm not sure the kids appreciated the view, or the moment, as much as we did but one day I'm sure they will when they look back at the pictures.


That's some major sites done so we're heading to catch some sunshine in Sedona and Scottsdale. Praying the girls play ball on the journey as being trapped in a car with them both arguing or crying is hell on earth. L chooses to drive as she knows it's harder being the children's entertainer and negotiator in the passenger seat!



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