First days at school

"It's been an emotional time for me"

Well, this happened this week. The biggest tiny human in our family, who I'm sure was only born a minute ago, started school. It's been an emotional time for me, seeing G embark on her latest adventure, but for her it's been exactly that - an adventure.


There hasn't been any apprehension about school and it's really helped that she has moved up there with about half of the class from nursery, and her best friend. As much as I'm emotional about it, it's not because I'm sad or scared or worried for her, it's just my baby hitting her next milestone, and it seems like only yesterday when I first held her in my arms. When people say to you they grow up so fast they aren't wrong!


L has been completely fine about the whole situation. She's not been having a little cry at the thought of school, packing, unpacking and repacking her school bag to make sure everything is there or been stroking her little uniform hanging up in the wardrobe (Yes! I may have done that!). In fact, on the morning of the first day, I got G dressed in her smart little uniform and I popped upstairs as I had forgotten something (code for I'm just about to cry again) and I said to L, "If you don't cry when you see her in her uniform, then you're Frosty The Ice Queen!!!" Sure enough, she did mention that she may have shed a small tear!


We did the obligatory first day pics with all of the girls, trying to make sure we made a big deal of Little Miss Chaos too, as it was her first day back at nursery and also the first day for the tiniest human too, as Mummy and Mammy planned to spend the day together to celebrate making it this far as parents!!! We are still alive and so are they! L had big ideas about going to lots of places and doing lots of things, but truth be told all I wanted to do was lie in bed, watch telly and sleep! Not very exciting, but not something I can do with the kids and hey it's been a long six week holiday!!! Thankfully, L came round to my way of thinking and embraced the peace and quiet of our home. The silence was, in fact, deafening.


So first day went off without a hitch. G didn't look back and once she was in there all settled she waved at us as if to say, "You can go now!" And off we went. What I hadn't thought about was how Mid Kid would be without her big sister at nursery. In fact, it only dawned on me when we were in the car driving home on about day three, when G turned to Miss Chaos and said, "How was your day?" My heart melted at G being so thoughtful, but it also hurt at the thought of our Little Chaotic One wandering around nursery lost without her big sister looking out for her. Then I realised it was our Mid Kid. The one who can hold her own weight and own a room just with her smile and sense of humour. I don't need to be worrying about her that's for sure. Plus if she ever needs a cuddle, she just asks and plenty of people are happy to oblige.


So now a week into school life and feeling less like the new kid on the block (me, that is!) we are getting used to the pick up routine, juggling the three kids through the churchyard to and from the school with the Chaotic One jumping on people's headstones, the phonics homework each night and the other tasks or questions we duly must complete. We've already had spy bear come and stay with us! That's Poppy, the class bear. When I first saw G come out of her class with it I thought, "Aww that's so sweet and look how chuffed she is!!" I was relieved as it was a great distraction to stop her complaining that she isn't going to after school Mushroom Club. I mean how many new kids cry leaving school??? Then it slowly dawned on me, I was now going to have to come up with some wholesome kid activity we could write about in the book of fabrication and posed pictures to compliment the story! We may as well call it "Fake News". The bear is an undercover agent to check out what life is really like at our home. Kids' tea and telly I'm afraid, with the girls wrestling each other, the bear thrown on the floor and forgotten about, and me giving it a quick frisk just to check it truly isn't bugged!!

I really didn't need this guest for dinner or the added pressure to come up with some fictional writing that my own child can't even read! The one good thing was that it was only the second night of the bear's adventures, so it wasn't like I felt that I needed to put too much effort in. I'm certain some other family will be keen to act as a topper and recreate a truly magical moment with their child and the bear. Wondering if you can sense the sarcasm in my voice? I'm actually eye-rolling as I can't stand a topper!!


The spy bear will be back in a few weeks. Let's just hope we don't get it on a Friday!


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