Halfway point

"It's only 18 weeks to go until we meet baby number three and find out if they are as a chaotic as number two!"

That's it I've now passed the halfway point of pregnancy!! Wahoo! It's only 18 weeks to go until we meet baby no. three and find out if they are as a chaotic as no. two and if it's a boy or girl. G has taken quite a protective role over my bump as the chaotic one tries to sit on it!


Early pregnancy seemed to go on forever since I'd started my treatment back in March and then there was the horrific "I'm so sick of myself" sickness, which lasted until about 12 weeks. Since then time has been flying. Definitely the quickest pregnancy EVER. Mainly because I keep forgetting I'm pregnant and when people ask how far along I am I have to give a pretty vague reply of "five months I think". Then later I check the calendar just to be sure.


I'll never forget when pregnant with my first and going to see the doctor for a check up I was asked how far along I was. I sat there all prompt with my notes in a little plastic folder and replied, "33 weeks, two days" without any hesitation. The doctor said, "You'll have to double check by the time you get to your second." I looked at her weirdly thinking, "Oh my goodness, how on earth can you possibly not know how far along you are?" What an arse I was! I now can smell a first child pregnant person from a mile off from their cute little plastic wallets with their notes in and their smiley well-rested faces while I turn up late for my appointments, sometimes with both kids in tow, scrambling around in my bag for the notes that I'm sure I had in there, whilst praying I've packed a stash of those sugary biscuits I would never feed my child to keep them quiet in the waiting room. I've gone from pregnancy super geek goody-two-shoes to barely-getting-through-the-day mum of three in less than four years, and the bags under my eyes prove it. I'm literally just winging it, so it's damn good job I have a wonderful support network around me to help with the fallout, as there has been plenty. 


I'm not sure if it's the pregnancy hormones or the tiredness or a combo of both but I waited over an hour for my consultants appointment yesterday and my patience level was probably on par with L. The receptionist had already got an eye-roll from me as I arrived in a rush busting for a wee. I legged it to the bathroom, then came back and checked in for the appointment and she said, "Leave your urine sample over there". I explained I'd actually just emptied my bladder and she waved her hand furiously at the sign which clearly states that you have to do that, which I clearly missed as I was dragging the two year old to the nearest toilet, hoping I didn't cough or sneeze and let my bladder explode down my legs. My response was, "That's not really helping me now". Okay, okay, so obviously she was just doing her job, but come on woman you could've just said it'll be forever for your appointment so just go get yourself a couple of glasses of water and leave a sample before you go. Nothing winds up a person more than being kept waiting more than an hour for an appointment when you have your two year old in tow and you've ran out of biscuits and there's no signal for YouTube. That's how to really push my buttons. Secretly I was just annoyed with myself as I should really know the crack by now, three kids in.


At the scan everything was smashing with the baby. We got a really clear picture, which the girls were very excited about when we showed them. The sonographer found my placenta to be low, but they'll just recheck it nearer the time so nothing to worry about. We were divided on finding out what we we were having. L wanted to as she is rubbish with waiting for surprises and patience is not her strong point, but me, I didn't want to find out. Admittedly, I had a bit of a wobble in there that day but now I'm glad we didn't find out. We can now keep annoying ourselves with the "do you think it's a boy/girl?" questions. Although that does mean we need two names and we don't have one yet! It's hard trying to pick a name. I'm adamant it's a girl. I've got a gut-feeling and i'd be very surprised if it was a boy. So i'm researching more girls names than boys. Finding something that goes with our girls names and doesn't annoy you or sound like some chavvy kid is proving quite difficult. We also have to consider how it sounds with both a southern and northern twang as that can make something go from sounding quite classy to a fish wife down the quay and we don't need that!


This week we are being booted out of our house while the floor is laid so it was timed perfectly, as we have a week in Spain at our friend's villa. We need this holiday so much, especially L. She's been so busy with working all hours, we've hardly spent anytime together as a family and the times we are together we are so busy completing some crazy task related to the house project. It'll be great to get away from it all where we can do nothing but relax and spend some quality time together. The girls are so excited to get on a plane and have their own swimming pool. I was slightly embarrassed (secretly proud of what L provides for us) that our three year old said, "Mummy sleep in the bed on the plane?" Assuming that everytime we travel now, we get on beds on the plane. She's three years old and she's already accustomed to travelling in style, all thanks to L. Let's hope she's not disappointed with a regular upright seat. What a diva! Wonder who she gets that from?!


It's only this week where I have actually felt pregnant as well. That feeling when you sit down and your belly pushes up to your massive boobs and you're just all a bit uncomfortable. Plus regular clothes aren't fitting but still the maternity clothes are too big. Today I'm dressed in my dungarees and I can't decide if I look like a total lesbian, a pregnant woman or an extra life-size minion. L thinks I look like I'm a painter and decorator about to quote for a job and just need a pencil behind my ear. I'm not overly concerned as it has expandable buttons so I can eat more cake. Everybody needs these in their lives.



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