Happy Friday!

"It's about getting that balance"

What a start to the day as I was woken abruptly by the chaotic one. She's the only person I know who is ready to start the day as soon as her eyes open. She certainly does not get that from me. L asked if she'd had a can of coke in her cot this morning as she was bouncing round the room like Tigger. Frog in a blender - bit like my dancing when I've had too many apple sours. I could only open one eye at that point. It was all too much for 5.30am. TGI Friday.


Today's the day I get to book both of the kids into nursery to get the house jobs done and steal a few minutes to myself to blog and eat cake. Sssh, don't tell L! Sometimes I feel guilty for booking extra sessions for the girls especially when I have friends who don't even take the nursery up on the free hours when their child is three and they don't work and here's me working and then also booking them in on my days off. Trust me though I'm much better for it later when I've got the jobs done and I can concentrate on the girls and relax about the house. I guess it's about getting that balance.


So to make the most of the three hours (technically two hours 30 minutess once I've dropped them there and got back and then returned for them) I decided we had enough time to go and do the grocery shop before the drop off. I promised I would cook for L tomorrow night as I haven't done anything special for a while so I needed ingredients, plus have you been to the supermarket on a Saturday? Jeepers, it's hideous.


So I bundled the kids in the car and sped my way round to the shops. G was loving my singing but I'm not entirely sure "Stacey's Mom" is the most appropriate tune to be belting out for their tiny ears. Sorry but not sorry!


It was like Supermarket Sweep racing round the shop skidding round the corners. I especially loved how vodka was second on the list before the essentials like bread and milk. L is knocking up some winter speciality with Werthers Originals for a girlie get together. I wasn't 100% sure what size bottle of vodka I should be buying at 8.50am so I went for the biggest. That way if anybody thought it inappropriate with the two kids in tow and me being pregnant they'd think I was really bad and not just a little bit wreckless.


I gave the Xmas pudding aisle a dirty look as I passed it, after consuming a whole one last week. All 1372 calories of it. I felt ill. I am still annoyed at L as she didn't even try and stop me but she said I was enjoying myself so that's all that matters. Poor baby will have been high as a kite on sugar and rum!


So after the nursery drop and unpacking the shopping I now have about 90 minutes to do the cleaning, change the beds and get at it with Henry on the carpet and make the place look beautiful for the weekend. Following that, lunch with a friend then G's first swimming lesson going solo where I'm expecting tears and tantrums and that's just me, never mind the two year old I will have with me who will be wholly unreasonable when I try and explain she's not swimming today and her lesson was Wednesday. I plan to pack all of our swimming attire just in case a) Chaotic decides to jump in in protest b) it's my only negotiating strategy when it all goes belly up.


And if I survive until 7pm without consuming my whole body weight in cake, then pudding club will commence, of which I am the honorary member (or only member) but it's what gets me through the day.


Happy Friday!


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