I need a holiday to get over my holiday

"What was I thinking when I packed a book to read when I got some chill time???"

So we are back from our quick week in Spain and now I need a holiday to get over the holiday. The girls had a great time but what was I thinking when I packed a book to read when I got some chill time??? 


The small chaotic one decided she didn't much like sleep on foreign soil so the first three nights at least became musical beds, with at worst eight wake-ups before morning. So that meant we would need to take shifts sleeping when we were both exhausted anyway. The sleep battles began and the tetchy little arguments about who has had the most sleep and who is the most tired were frequent. Sleep top trumps we call it. 


I used to think it was cute hearing "my mummy" from the little one until it echoed round the fully tiled Spanish holiday home in the wee hours. Now I dislike it a lot. It sends shivers through my body.


Thankfully the week was just about being together, getting some sunshine with no real plans and this we did have. That's normally boring for me as I like to have places to go and see and activities to keep me occupied but I think we were both so burnt out we didn't care much for anything. 


We were almost burnt in other ways when unexpectedly the gas BBQ set on fire. Normally that would be no big deal to me when I turn up with a few colleagues, wearing fire gear and with a truck full of water but when you're five and a half months pregnant in your swimsuit, without a hose, it's a whole different matter. Even tried calling the bomberos for assistance but they put me on hold for three minutes while they found an English speaking call handler. Unbelievable. Finally managed to put it out but still had the faulty cylinder to deal with, which was still leaking, and needless to say our steak was well done. As I shrugged it off as just another day at the office L was quite shocked by it all. The girls were just laughing not realising the seriousness of it but it frightened L so we are definitely not getting a gas BBQ next year. Wouldn't be a holiday for us if there wasn't some sort of drama!!


Highlight of the week had to be high-fiving each other when we made it through three whole courses at a lovely restaurant with the kids. That's an epic achievement for us. Thank goodness for fully charged iPads and attentive waiting staff. Plus the food was amazing as an added bonus.


The girls were awesome on their flights to and from Spain, but we had an epic journey back as we were on L's staff travel and all of the Spanish routes were busy. We had a five hour drive to Madrid, then a few hours messing about at the airport before we finally boarded our plane. By that point Toddler-Pants had had enough and lay screaming on the floor of the plane refusing to move. We were past caring by this point as the passengers and staff looked on, probably wishing we would disappear with our unruly child or at least control her. So although staff travel has many perks, which I am so grateful for, 13 hours for what would normally be a two hour flight was hard work.


We need to learn that we shouldn't go on holiday and that perhaps a staycation is the future. If it wasn't for needing that little dose of winter sunshine I think we would be convinced, but by the looks of L's tan I think there will be more foreign adventures to come. Next one will be with a four year old, two year old and a three month old. Yikes.


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