It's a girl!

"L and I can do anything together and this just proves it"

It's a girl! I can't begin to describe how elated we were when we found out our little baby was another girl. I've said all along in my pregnancy that it was a girl so I was relieved that my mummy instinct was right. Deep down I think we were both wishing for a girl, but didn't realise it until they arrived. I think we need more bathrooms in our house for the future.


This time we agreed to have the screen lowered during the section and watch our baby being born and it was wonderful. A really special moment that we will treasure forever as it also meant we could learn the sex ourselves too. This little one didn't cry like the others, which obviously panicked us no end but we were reassured that she was fine. Could this be a calm addition to our family? Hmm... I doubt it!


Our baby was here and she looked so tiny. She was much smaller than the others so I expected her to be 6lb something but L shouted over from the scales in the theatre that she was 2700g which is pretty much bang on 6lbs. The smallest of our babies by far. No wonder my bump kept measuring small. I should've eaten more cake.


She has a real look of both of her sisters. They certainly all have the same eyes but at different times of the day she looks like G, then it will swap to the Chaotic One.


L cut the cord and brought her over to me for some skin-to-skin and we got some amazing pictures with the two of us sporting the biggest grins I have ever seen. I love looking at that picture as each time I see it, I feel the moment again and again and it is lovely. I still find it all a bit crazy that a time which can be the most special day of your lives can also be one of the most terrifying, but that's my experience of having babies. I'm sure others may feel differently.


There was a real sense of relief that our baby had arrived safely, that she was finally here after all this time. But not long after her birth I was told by the consultant that they had punctured my bladder and they needed a specialist from urology to come and look at it. I have no idea how, but I was pretty calm about all of this. It was surreal me lying awake on the operating table my body open and us all having a general chit-chat while we waited for another surgeon to arrive. To be honest, I was trying to play it cool for L's sake, as I could see the panic and worry coming over her. It really was mind over matter for the rest of the surgery. I've never had to dig so deep to keep it together and have no idea where that strength came from. It also didn't help much that the Tiny One was starting to exercise her lungs and let us know she was hungry. 


The surgeon arrived and it was like watching a TV show about yourself that somehow wasn't real. He said my bladder needed dissecting as it was attached to my uterus, which unfortunately is a common problem when you've had a previous section but in doing so I managed to get another tear in the bladder. To cut a long story short, what was meant to be a one hour operation turned out to be three hours with my spinal injection wearing off, but I was adamant I couldn't be put to sleep, mainly because I didn't want to leave L on her own as I knew how upset she was and I didn't want to come round all drowsy and not be able to feed our baby. So I did the last bit of surgery on gas and air and talked a whole load of nonsense, but it made L laugh so that's good. Every cloud and all that. I was also told I would need to have a catheter in for two weeks before they could check if my bladder had healed, but right then I just wanted to get through the surgery and I would deal with that later.


Finally when they had repaired me and stitched me up I was able to go to recovery with L and our little Miss and start feeding her, which she took to straight away. What a relief. The hardest part was done and now it was just a case of caring for this utterly perfect tiny human who I was already in love with and getting myself recovered so we could begin our adventures as an all-female family of five.


Obviously, I am gutted that things happened the way they did in surgery, but I'm just relieved that we are all ok and keeping my fingers crossed that once I get my catheter out I'm not destined to a life with Tena Lady or avoiding the trampoline park with the girls. Here's hoping it all resolves itself over the next few weeks.


L and I haven't had it easy with two of our daughters births being pretty awful, but I just keep thinking how I'm glad it was the last one that was complicated as if it had been Chaotic's birth then we would never have gotten to a third child. It also helps that we have each other to get through these moments and take care of one another. L and I can do anything together and this just proves it. Plus the hardest part is how we negotiate the hormones of having five females in the house. Hopefully we will survive that!



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