Our Nativity superstars

"We were trying to play it cool in front of our biggest tiny human, but L and I were proud as punch!"

I used to think the way parents banged on about the role their kids got in the local nativity play was a bit too dramatic and the parents were complete bozos. That was until our G landed the role of Mary this year at her school! Yes! Mary!


When she told us she was playing Mary, we thought perhaps she had gotten mixed up until we saw the cast list! We were trying to play it cool in front of our biggest tiny human, but L and I were proud as punch! You'd think G had made it through from hours of auditions and shortlisting, the way we were winking at each other with big cheesy grins. Equally, if she had been the rear end of a camel we would've been just as excited.


Then there are the other two. Mid-kid made it as one of the angels, which we are assuming was a little joke on the nursery's part. And the tiniest of tiny humans - we cast ourselves as a shepherd as Karen the nursery manager wouldn't let her be baby Jesus! In fact, this child was the easiest one of all. With her only being 10 months old, she didn't get much say in the matter and we didn't have any backchat about the costume choice either!!


So come nativity day we were super excited about seeing our little stars. We had the nursery in the morning and the school in the afternoon. The nursery one is always good for a giggle as it's the chaotic one out of the two. There's a saying to never work with children or animals and it couldn't be more true here. When your cast is children from the age of 10 months up to four years, there's going to be a few comedy moments. Last year when G was Angel Gabriel she got the words to a song mixed up and declared that Mary would have a baby and that it was "bad luck" for her!! This year, mid-kid was as cheeky as ever and the pictures only capture a tiny part of her giant personality.


Then there was our little 10-month-old shepherd, who was quite happy as long as her nursery teacher, Lucy, kept the snacks coming. She quite enjoyed sitting there in the middle of the stage, watching everything going on around her. Honestly she was happy!!


After that we had time for a quick lunch before the school nativity. I'd heard you had to get there early for that one to get a good seat, so when my dessert was taking ages to arrive I was getting proper antsy! Sure enough we only made it to the third row, but still managed a few good pics of our star.


G is quite shy at times, so we didn't want to put her off by being those overbearing, pushy parents. But as soon as we saw her, you could tell she was chuffed we were there as her number one fans. The school nativity was great. With there being a lot more people taking part, they were also able to deliver a really hard-hitting message about homelessness and it amazed me how our young children, who are only four, were able to understand its importance. When your child tells you how many homeless people they've helped at school from the donations, it really touches your heart. All you want is for your children to grow up to be kind, caring people and when they're already showing this interest and concern for those less fortunate than themselves, you just want to squeeze them so tight. That is the actual proud mummy moment!


G can now be found at home asking Alexa for Streets Of London and her little voice singing along to the song from her play, reminding us of their poignant message, is adorable. Stop my children growing up, please! I want to stay in this bubble for as long as possible.


L and I were like Tiny Tears all the way through and wanted to stand up and clap at the end. We refrained! For that small hour we had turned into the annoying parents who brag about their kids. How could we not after seeing all three of our girls doing amazing? What a brilliant warm-feelings-in-your-belly day. I must admit by the end we were a bit nativity'd out... until next year!


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