Our first nativity

"My wife was 'one of those parents'. You know the ones you eye-roll at and think, 'Get a grip - it's only a three year old's nativity'."

We had our first nativity last week. L was like "one of those parents". You know the ones you eye-roll at and think, "Get a grip - it's only a three year old's nativity". She was almost nudging people out of the way to get the best spot at the front so she could capture the slightest movement or even blink of G in action! This is so not her.


I, on the other hand, was an emotional wreck. I had free-flowing tears which I couldn't hide and saw the whole show through a wet blur of happy emotions and deep pride in my first born baby. Thankfully, I had The Chaotic One to cuddle into and try and disguise my hormonal mess. Totally playing it cool. NOT!


G was so confident and stood so tall in her Angel Gabriel costume. This was enough to shock us since she hates dressing up at home and never likes to be up on stage or anything like that. It's a testament to her nursery and the time the staff have invested in her to help her grow, especially with her speech development. She was joining in with songs with words I didn't even know she knew. It's was beautiful! Then there was The Chaotic One, who decided to join in when it was over, running up and down the pews. Luckily, she was the cutest shepherd I'd ever seen, which is how she gets away with pretty much everything.


All in all its been a humbling week reminding me of the things we need to be thankful for. I know how easy it is to get caught up in silly little day-to-day niggles, which in the grand scheme of things don't really mean anything, but that's life. This week I had that reminder that life is fragile and in a second it can literally change, good or bad. I found a lump on my boob a couple of weeks ago and although I expected it to be nothing, I was pretty taken aback when I was referred for a scan by the GP. The "what ifs" started going round in my head, thankfully the two kids and our hectic life kept them at bay most of the time, but there were still the odd few moments where you do wonder what could happen. Anyway, I was lucky enough to be told I just have a lumpy, bumpy breast by the consultant, which was great news. Still, I knew that in those few minutes in that room it could've changed everything. I'm so relieved, but it's a good wake-up call to have, as so many people are not as lucky. You never think it will happen to you, but it can so please, please, please check your boobs!! And if you're unsure go get it checked out. It will only make you feel better and put your mind at rest.


Following that, I've definitely had more than a fair share of my time with the NHS this week. I clearly had a fever as I wore pyjamas and L's polar bear onesie in our house where the kids are running round in just their pants because it's so tropical with L still insisting 26 degrees is the optimum temperature. The next day, within 30 minutes I had seen my midwife, checked on the baby who was absolutely fine just taking all the good stuff from me and leaving me to feel like utter crap, then saw a GP who confirmed I had tonsillitis and sent me off with a cocktail of paracetamol and penicillin. Rockstar life, me.


So the last few days have been a blur of me trying to sleep as much as possible, our amazing nursery sorting out all of the childcare, including transport in the mushroom car as the kids call it, and being tucked up in bed by 7pm each night. Although L did stay up until about 8pm one night after watching a train show with Judy Walters! Jeepers we are so dull.


I was invited to a party this week, which we were considering going to but then I realised it started at 9.30! I mean, for a second I thought they meant 9.30am and thought, "Yeah, that could work but 9.30pm? That's almost the middle of the night!"



This week we also moved the girls into the same room as we've got them these super cool bunk-beds with stairs and we are conscious we still need a spare room for one of us to catch up on sleep when we have the newborn non-sleeper. Gulp! Chaotic has just started sleeping through, thanks to the healing hands of the magic chiropractor, so we were a little anxious to say the least. One week in and they are both sleeping really well and thankfully it doesn't seem like this is the worse thing we have ever done. They've even stopped by and given the baby a check up with their medical kit. Too cute. It's just nobody needs a non-sleeping two year old in their lives.


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