Surviving the Easter holidays

"Go away with your grand Pinterest parenting ideas and leave me to kick into survival mode to make it through each day!"


Is anybody else sick of the rain? Jeepers, it's miserable and it's the Easter holidays! I think it is selfish that the nursery is closed for two whole weeks. Not because I'm concerned for my child's learning or development, but how am I meant to cope with all three kids at home on my own while L works? And why do some people call it the Easter break? It's not a break for me, although it could break me! I've been openly dreading it. I love my children so, so much but nursery gives me a break. It gives me time to rest and get through the never-ending list of jobs that need to be completed to run a household and it saves some of my sanity. Then there are those mums who tell you how much they're looking forward to the holidays as they have so many activities planned and they're all happy and bouncy talking about how lovely it is to have their darling child home with them every day. I just want to punch them. Weirdos. Go away with your grand Pinterest parenting ideas and leave me to kick into survival mode to make it through each day.


Survival mode in reality is me secret-eating the kids' Easter eggs in the utility room. So if you got our kids an Easter egg, please know it's going to a better cause to keep me alive and happy; plus the tiny human loves chocolate milk! Only thing is, I've nearly been found out a few times by the Chaotic One, who can smell chocolate from another room - she's like her Mammy. It's now becoming a bit of a challenge getting the chocolate from the fridge, out of the kitchen and into the utility room before being caught red-handed by the pint-sized detective. I feel like some sort of secret agent crossed with a ninja, but nothing will come between me and my chocolate fix.


My other survival tactic is taking life one day at a time and by doing so I am actually enjoying myself. It's hard. Like flippin' grafting-like-I've-never-grafted-before-hard, but I've loved spending time with all of my girls. I had a complete wobble that I was missing parts of each child growing up and I felt sad (obviously exacerbated with the ridiculous amount of hormones still floating around my body). Now things have slowed down. We don't have to be anywhere for a certain time and I'm not rushing around. I've started to enjoy the good moments more and move on from the crappy times quicker. I'm feeling like I'm there for them all as much as I can be and the guilt is slowly dissipating. Just need to try and get a bit more time with L and then I'll feel like a winner. I'm hoping she understands I'm choosing sleep over her for now.


I was feeling epic the other morning when I had all three kids dressed and ready to leave the house by 8:27 but by 10:27 they were all miserable crying and I was trapped in the car with them stuck in traffic. G cried saying she was too hot and I told her not to be silly then she puked in the car. Now who's silly?!! Thankfully she perked up once we got out of the car and we took the Tiny One to get her first lot of immunisatons. She is eight weeks already! The time is flying by. Thankfully I didn't have a chance to get all emotional about inflicting pain on our little one as I was too busy trying to keep the bigger girls occupied. They were a good distraction.


Today I made it to the supermarket with the three kids in tow, picked up everything we needed and took it to the till, where I realised I'd left my purse in the car! FFS!!!! I didn't cry, which shows big progress, but I left the shopping at the till, made a return trip to the car to retrieve the purse, then paid for the food. I did consider if there was a suitable person I could leave the kids with while I legged it to the car which would be so much quicker than taking all of them, but there was nobody I knew as I looked desperately around the queues. I would've even been happy if Super Bouncy Craft Mum popped up at just the right time to babysit for a minute, but she's probably way too organised and probably done an online shop or grows her own food in the garden.


We are adjusting to being a family of five and I'm learning how to be a mum of three and thankfully it's getting a little easier. But to do this I'm having to learn to be kinder to myself, to let things go, to cry if I need to and accept help rather than being stubborn. To accept that it's going to be hard and realise every day I am achieving.


Now to survive one more week of the "break" and it's when L is jetting off to Vegas with her BFF for a long weekend of partying. Here's hoping I get more than a "My wife went to Vegas and all she got me was this lousy tshirt" T-shirt when she returns!!!


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