The pox have arrived

"I saw five big, red, angry and evil spots shining on G's back."


We've had a super relaxing couple of weeks. It's been absolute bliss. The kids have been amazing and really well. We've enjoyed some relaxing "normal" weeks at home enjoying the weather and getting our garden ready for the summer. It sounds a bit boring really but after how hectic we have been since January this chill time has been welcomed by all of us.


I managed to finish my personal description and goodwill message for the egg donation. It took me ages and my first draft, L said, was "too formal and like a CV". She said I needed to make it "more like me and not some weirdo" (I love her honesty). Erm, thanks!


So it's all submitted now and I'm happy with it. This means we are ready to start treatment next month. Excited with an equal measure of nervous too. I'm starting to get worried about the number of eggs they will retrieve and the implications for us all involved. If it's less than 8 then I have to decide if I keep them or give them all to the recipient and try again another month for us. Which is what we would do as I really want to donate. An extra month for us is probably nothing compared to how long they may have been waiting. Trying to take it one day at a time as there are lots of different parts to the treatment.


Just when I thought we couldn't get more chilled L and I went for massages, which was a wedding gift from a friend. I'm usually put off with stuff like that as I can't actually be bothered with the faff or making small talk with someone I don't know. I am morphing slowly into L every single day! But after the last few months, I didn't need much persuading to have an hour to myself where someone would massage all of my aching muscles. I'm so glad I did - it was the best massage I have ever had. I took my tired, weary, tense body to them and they nurtured it and gave it the TLC it needed, then sent me on my way feeling awesome. I signed up for a subscription for a massage every month. L thought I was completely sucked in and was making fun of me until she went for her massage on Monday and loved it just as much. Ha! Told you so! Although I still spent time trying to justify the monthly cost, then thought screw it; she'd spend the same amount on wine and pork scratchings and not even bat an eyelid!!


Following on from the heatwave at the weekend, the normal Monday blues were missing with only one more week until our familymoon road trip in the USA! Well that was until I saw five big, red, angry and evil spots shining on G's back. The feckin' pox has finally won and made its way contaminating our household a mere seven days before we are meant to be jetting off. I knew we were having it too good. I spent Sunday packing teeny, tiny people's holiday clothes all neat and folded nicely in the suitcases the kids were playing hide and seek in. FML I've completely jinxed it. I should've done an L - a rock up Roger - pack the night before and ask me a million times where things are that I may as well have packed her bloody stuff myself.


Well I don't need to worry about that now unless Ducklips gets the pox within the next 24 hours, there's no way they will both be scabbed and fit to fly by Sunday. So I am wishing G to scab over and I'm also wishing Ducklips to get the spots pronto, but the poor kid has got yet another chest infection so we had a trip to the doctors in quarantine. Seriously starting to think this trip is doomed.


I've spent the day googling every recipe under the sun to conquer this disease. The girls had an oatmeal bath with a generous helping of bicarbonate of soda and every potion going from the local chemist who clearly think i'm some sort of neurotic mother and/or their best customer as I've been in there three times today!!


If anybody has some pox healing tips send them my way... failing that, some recommendations for "holidays in Britain" (giant eyeroll) might be my only hope!



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