The Whiskey Fitz wedding

"Child free for a whole 24 hours..."

Child free for a whole 24 hours. 24 hours of not answering constant "mummy mummy mummy" or checking a million times what is going on when they are playing/fighting or daydreaming about a little bit less volume, but it also meant 24 hours without cuddles from the tiny humans. I think I can cope with that to attend our good friend Whiskey Fitz's wedding!!


Whiskey Fitz is so called from the sheer amount of whiskey she consumed at our hen do. She had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and if you'd cut her in half she would've oozed whiskey goo. So I shouldn't have really been surprised when I jumped on her for a piggy back and she brought us both crashing to the floor!


Well it turns out she decided to get married and we made it on the guest list. The venue was on Loch Lomond, which is one of our most favourite places and we were going to be child-free so it didn't take much persuasion.


We flew up there on the morning of the wedding which was a bit risky since we were on standby and the flight was chocka. Thankfully we made it, albeit sitting separately but we are used to that. Quick turn around at the hotel as we only had an hour before the ceremony but we managed to scrub up ok I would say. L was determined to wear a tartan bow tie and handkerchief for some reason and in our 12 years together I've finally realised it's easier to go with it than fight it. We will never match at any formal event with our clothes, but our big cheesy grins do. And she did look really cute.


The ceremony was in the church where Take the High Road was filmed. I was a bag of emotions throughout the service even before the beautiful bride arrived. I'm going to blame the hormones, but actually i'm just really soft and love these special moments. It was a beautiful ceremony, nice and relaxed, and I absolutely loved their choice of hymns. Some of my favourites including Amazing Grace. It didn't take long for them to be married and for them to be leaving the church grinning as Mr and Mrs.


They had a piper walk the newlyweds along the shore of the loch, which brought tears to my eyes. I was bursting with happiness for them and their smiles were shining to their ears. Totally magical moment and so honoured to have been part of it.


They are such a lovely couple. You just want to give Nigel a massive hug and Nicci is nuts but good nuts. The kind of nuts you even trust your kids with. Well actually the chaotic one vomited all over Nicci once and it didn't put her off looking after them again so really she is part of the family if she can deal with that!!


There was free flowing alcohol all afternoon and evening, which I couldn't indulge in but it was fun watching the others getting merry and the conversations becoming less and less serious and more abusive to each other. There were a few occasions where we mingled with guests and we said "I don't know you but I know you from Facebook" so although we had never met we were all familiar with each other. So much so at one point a load of us made it out on the loch on a banana boat just for the craic. This is me sober so probably best I was off the booze or I might have had another go on Nicci's back, which we know doesn't end well.


We shared a great meal in the afternoon and to top it off her mum had made tablet favours - its a Scottish sweet which is delicious. Totally melts your teeth but tastes so good. I had two helpings and would've taken more if i wasn't being polite. I love making it back to my home country and indulging in all of the culinary delights I miss. This day was no different with a pizza supper (Google it!) and a can of Irn Bru to end the night. Honestly I'm so easily pleased.


Thanks to the new Mr and Mrs for having us at your very special day. We will treasure it forever and wish you a lifetime of happiness. But you'll always be our Whiskey Fitz.



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