Two weeks into life with the little one

"Then, as if we weren't sick of any dramas and hospitals, the most horrible thing happened"

Two weeks old. Little Miss is already two weeks old. She has settled into the family as if she has always been here and she's growing fast. Already getting emotional at her growing out of some of her first size sleepsuits. Awww. I really want time to freeze her at this age and size. I think I'm going to be like this with all of her milestones with her being the last. With G, I was pushing her to achieve more milestones but I feel the complete opposite.


I was due to have my stupid catheter out this week, but it didn't happen. I literally bawled my eyes out on the phone when the hospital called to say it would have to stay in another week. A real case of don't shoot the messenger, but the lucky caller got a hysterical, hormonal mess at the end of the line. I then cried on and off for two whole days. I feel for L. Clearly I'm a joy to be around!! I think we are all finding comfort in cake.


To make it worse, I started to get even more uncomfortable with the catheter and after a quick check up when collecting some more pee bags, my urine does show an infection, but it would anyway since I've had the catheter in so long. The only options were to leave it and hope I don't develop any other symptoms or to remove the catheter and put in a fresh one. Since I already feel like someone has set my pee hole on fire there's no way I'm letting them change my catheter unless it's absolutely necessary. So I went home with some numbing gel in the hope it takes my mind away from it all for the next week.


Then, as if we weren't sick of any dramas and hospitals, the most horrible thing happened. We found this purple bruise-like line on our baby's stomach/side and groin so we called the midwife who came out to look at it. She said it could be a blood clotting disorder or that they have to consider it would be a NAI (non-accidental injury) that someone has hurt her. I felt sick. We were sent straight to the children's ward at the hospital and were told to pack for a few nights, as if it wasn't the blood disorder we would have to stay in hospital until Monday for social services to come. Honestly L and I were crying our eyes out. We felt completely broken that either she had an awful disease or that they thought we had hurt our baby. We went to the ward and after a tense wait where we were both going through everything again and again. L said I roll her like a burrito too tight, so maybe that's why she is bruised, and she was second-guessing herself saying what if she has picked her up too hard. We were driving ourselves nuts trying to get our head around it all when the doctor examined her and the bruising/mark had gone. We were confused to say the least. Thankfully L had taken pictures which we could show him. That's when technology is amazing.


Straight away he told us it was a vascular abnormality and nothing to worry about! It comes out when she cries along some of her blood vessels. He also found she had a heart murmur, but that's pretty normal at this age and should resolve itself by six weeks. We were allowed to go home without painful blood tests on a newborn or social services intervening! It was absolutely awful being in that situation especially when people think that you could possibly harm your child. I get why they have to follow their procedures, but to be on the receiving end of the questions and documentation was terrifying.


We are well and truly sick of hospitals now, but so so thankful our baby is fine. We've been advised to carry the letter from the doctor with us at all times so that if anybody sees the marks again, say at a baby clinic or the doctors, then we can show them the proof that we haven't hurt her. I would never have even thought about that.


Positive news is our little tiny one has put on lots of weight and her belly button stump, which is utterly disgusting and I have no idea why people keep them as keepsakes, has fallen off so we bathed her for the first time, which the big girls really enjoyed. I, on the other hand, always find it a bit nerve-wracking doing the first bath as they're like a slippery eel. I leave that to L. She's way more confident in that area. Here's hoping the next week goes quickly and we can start to move on from all of this drama.


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