When the Chaotic One turned three!

"I've been taking some time to see things. You know, really see them"

Look at this face! This is the face of pure euphoria at the sight of a chocolate birthday cake! This little middle one has just celebrated her third birthday. We had a classic children's party at home in our garden, where there were water fights and party games, including pass the parcel and musical statues. L and I couldn't deal with knocking the kids out in musical statues, so we just let everyone have prizes!! You should've seen their little faces dancing their best moves and concentrating so hard. It brings tears to my eyes.


We ended the day with a party tea and a slice of chocolate cake, which went down well. All of the children seemed happy and, no doubt, were bouncing off the ceiling from all of the E numbers we let them consume, before sending them on their way with a Team Umizoomi sweet cone, which will keep the local dentist busy for a few months! (If you've not heard of Team Umizoomi, google it and play the theme tune on repeat for 20 minutes really loud, while multitasking with at least five other time-sensitive tasks, and you'll have an idea what it's like in my world at 6am).


We went to Longleat Safari Park on the middle child's actual birthday and what a great day it was. Loads for the kids to enjoy and even though it was the school holidays, it wasn't crazy busy and we didn't have to wait ages to see or do things. I'd definitely recommend it if you get the chance. The birthday celebrations went on for some time. She really dragged it out. Here she is, still celebrating three days later and still wearing her superhero dress and her birthday party hat! This tiny human just exudes the joys of life.


Over the holidays I've been taking some time to see things. You know, really see them. To step back and see and feel the moment, and it not just be a process. It started because I got sick of hearing myself say to the kids, "Just a minute" or "In a minute" or "Once I've done this, or that". I found it so, so easy to get caught up in the jobs that need doing or rushing around and not actually paying full attention to what's going on around me. I can't do this all of the time, but I'm trying each day to do it with all of the girls, and when I do, I see how happy they are, how all they want to do is have me join in with a puzzle or push them on the swing or show them how to do something new.


I looked outside the other day and saw little Chaotic One with her arms in the air, spinning round and round saying, "I'm flying" with the biggest grin on her face, and I soaked up that moment. I really felt it and I've saved it. That feeling of happiness was contagious and I can take myself to it whenever I need to, all because I took those few minutes to see it. Good job I did, as we are now on day 35 of the summer holidays and I'm starting to reach my limits! I'm tired. I'm fed up with the "mummy" whine, the refereeing who had what first and the cleaning up, which is never ending. I have to openly admit I'm ready now for the nursery and school to start. But of course I also feel guilty saying that!!!


The last week of the holidays is about to start but thankfully I'm not going to be alone. L has a full week's annual leave, so we are going to be all together 24/7 for nine whole days. I am so excited about this. We need this time as a family, plus a big woohoo to adult company and an extra pair of hands. Hopefully it's nice and relaxing and we don't spend the time competing on who has had the least sleep or who has cleaned up the most poo! We are planning some day trips and I'm hoping for a cheeky lie in one day. Fingers crossed! But mainly, I want us all to make some more memories together as a whole family unit, before our biggest tiny human starts school and our mid kid begins her last year of nursery.

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