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Hot Stuff: Too sick for sex!

When flu strikes a new couple, DIVA’s sexpert is on hand with soothing words

Gemma Halsey

Mon, 17 Dec 2012 15:34:57 GMT | Updated 4 years today

Dear Hot Stuff,


I've been literally dying from flu for about a week now, so no sex. The week before that my girlfriend was on her period and the week before that, I was on mine! The situation is getting ridiculous and my girlfriend is becoming more and more testy from frustration but I'm still so ill! She's been very good at looking after me though, it's just that I feel bad. We haven't been together that long and the beginning should be magical.


What do you think?


Emily from Peterborough



Dear Patient in Peterborough,


Oh you poor bairn! No sex for three weeks! Maybe that's how the world ends, all procreation stops! Oh, wait a sex, oops, a sec, two girls don't do that. Rather short-lived as far as apocalyptic theories go... 


I'm gently mocking you my dear Patient, but seriously, you have nothing to feel bad about. Fifty per cent of the population menstruates and 100% get ill. Those are some darned complicated odds; what are you going to do about it? Nothing except be patient. (See what I did there?) 


I strongly suggest you relax and get better as soon as possible so that you and your girl can get down and dirty once again for, though you might be bed-ridden, there is going to be no bed activity whilst you're snotting and gasping all over the place. The beginnings should be magical, yes, but it's winter and you're permitted to get poorly. 


Sex is obviously important, it helps us bond with our partners, can t rid us of headaches and it's fab exercise too, but it's also not the be-all and end-all of a relationship. Use this time to do other stuff! Watch movies, talk, share, read a book in bed together - how quaint!  A relationship that succeeds is one in which the people involved share more than just fluids. Think about it. 


Plus, you can tell a lot from a person, I think, by how they behave when you're ill. If you're girlfriend is trying hard to be a good nurse then that's a great sign. She's a keeper! When you're better, crank up the "magic" to top volume and treat her to a fantastic evening at a restaurant/in the countryside/between the sheets. Until then, keep warm, drink lots of fluids and try to sniffle a tiny little bit less when you're girlfriend is around, but if you feel comfortable sniffling, then go for it! 





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