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6 Films you need to see at Glasgow Film Festival 2017

KStew, lesbian erotica and gripping documentaries: pass the popcorn.

Roxy Bourdillon

Wed, 15 Feb 2017 09:56:32 GMT | Updated 9 days ago

The awesome Glasgow Film Festival is back and there are several films with a queer slant to keep the film buffs among you entertained. Here are our top picks.


1. Below Her Mouth

This lust story between two women features an all-female crew and steamy Sapphic sex scenes aplenty.

18 - 19 February


2. Personal Shopper

Ever since her SNL triumph, we can't get enough of KStew. If you feel the same, watch this psychological thriller in which she plays a personal shopper tormented after the death of her twin brother.

18 - 19 February


3. All This Panic

An intimate documentary about seven teenage girls coming of age in Brooklyn. Shot over a three-year period, this is honest, relatable viewing.

19 - 20 February


4. A Quiet Passion

Bisexual actress Cynthia Nixon gives a flawless performance as iconic poet Emily Dickinson. Often hilarious, sometimes painful, always engrossing.

23 February


5. Check It

Sick of being the victims of hate crime, these gay and trans Washington teenagers formed their own gang. Their fashion is on fleek, but their handbags are as likely to carry brass knuckles and knives as lip gloss.

24 February


6. Christine Vachon In Conversation

Not strictly speaking a film, but this discussion with the renowned out lesbian producer, who worked on iconic movies including Carol, Boys Don't Cry and Go Fish, is guaranteed to be fascinating.

24 Februrary


Glasgow Film Festival 2017 takes place 15 - 26 February. See the full programme here.


Scroll down now to watch the trailer for Below Her Mouth.


Image: YouTube


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