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Celesbian Twitterings: Week One

We stalk the stars on Twitter so you don’t have to (much)

Eden Carter Wood

Fri, 04 Jan 2013 16:10:39 GMT | Updated 4 years today

Love it or loathe it, social networking site Twitter is now a ubiquitous part of our…. ah whatever, you get the gist.


Anyway, we've been scanning the radio waves, or whatever it is that Twitter thrives on, and have gleaned the following info on stars as diverse as MarNav, JenBea(ls) and SuePer. So get in, buckle up and throw your critical faculties out the passenger side window, because it's going to be a (mostly) trivial ride.


First up, DIVA (and just general) favourite Sue Perkins let slip that she spent at least a moment of Christmas Eve among some of the finest Whopper burgers the West Country has to offer.


@sueperkins  Overheard last night at Exeter Services Burger King: 'do you sell gift vouchers?' It's the thought that counts. Happy Christmas one & all x


Of course Sue is quite right. It is the thought that counts. Although of course that's not true at all, unless the thought is about a massive great diamond or a Ferrari with sheepskin interior and a wicked sound system. Those thoughts probably count for a lot and have a pretty high resale value.


In other news, tennis legend Martina Navratilova (MarNav Trivia: her Twitter pic is a shot from a covershoot our regular photographers Lezli + Rose did for DIVA a couple of years back) tends to RT a lot of links to articles on political topics, but had this to say about US secretary of state Hilary Clinton's recent health problems.


@Martina I think all those dickheads who belittled Hilary owe her a huge apology...faking it my a.., she could have died,bloody hell...


Love how outspoken Martina is. And am hugely impressed by Hilary Clinton too, just generally. Hope she recovers quickly.


Since we are speaking of people I/we love, author Jeanette Winterson (if you haven't read her Written on the Body before, you really must read it - brilliant, brilliant book) offered a seasonal recipe to her followers earlier this week:


@Wintersonworld Sneeze? Melt honey in dash of hotwater. Chop a chilli in the mix. Pour in a good slug of Scotch. Serve on ice with a whole chilli 2 stir.


I am genuinely going to try it next time I get a cold, which if the last few months are anything to go by will be in about 20 minutes.


Speaking of illnesses and seamless segues, gorgeous actress Megan Fox was "killed" by Twitter just the other day, in the sense that the phrase 'RIP Megan Fox' was trending for a while. Not cool, Twitter, not cool at all. Megan seems to be alive and well, thankfully, tweeting the following a mere hour ago:


@meganfox Hello twitter. How is everyones day going? 7:30am and we've watched 'A Bugs Life' mine has been action packed as per usual.


Interestingly, though she has a lot in common with someone like myself, who also likes A Bug's Life quite a lot, Megan doesn't follow a single soul on Twitter. Very restrained. Her timeline must be a breeze to work through.


And finally, The L Word's Bette aka Jennifer Beals (who highly recommends the film Life of Pi, btw) had this to say as a new year dawned:


@jenniferbeals 2013 Welcome the mystery. Open your heart to happiness. Love, always Love.


Which, all joking aside, is really rather lovely and a nice note to end on. Watch out for another selection of celeb tweets next week, and feel free to tweet us, should the mood grab you.






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