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Introducing Kam Kardashian...the lesbian one

New reality show about gay Kardashian sister a hit

Fran Hayden

Tue, 15 Jan 2013 09:40:31 GMT | Updated 4 years today

Who would have thought it? The "famous" Jessica Rabbit-esque Kardashian sisters have another sibling… sort of. Kam Kardashian is a spoof sketch show created by Fawzia Mirza (who plays Kam) and Ryan Logan. Focusing on the Kardashians' lesbian "sister" it is fast becoming a You Tube phenomenon - perhaps because the main character, Kam, says the things that we all think about the two beauties. The straight talking, whiskey-downing Kam criticises the aesthetics of her "sisters", bringing to our attention that the looks they are predominately "famous" for, aren't essentially real. Kam makes comments such as: "course I don't look like a Kardashian; look, I can move my face" and "what is she famous for? Oh, oh, sex, sex tape", the "star" adds, taking a swing at American celebrity culture. All we need now is Katie Price's 'fake' lesbian sister to launch HER own webseries now. We're waiting...


Watch Kam in action, below.

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