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7 things to look forward to in 2017

There are actually things! This article will not just be blank!

Florence Oulds

Thu, 22 Dec 2016 11:03:54 GMT | Updated today

1. It No Longer Being 2016; 2016 Being Over; It being 2017 (A Year That Is Not 2016) 


On December 31, at midnight, 2016 will end. 


It'll be 2017, then. Not 2016. Not even a little bit. 


You'll be free. 


No need for New Year's resolutions this year; we'll let you off. You made it. We're proud of you. Eat a mince pie. Don't have any left? Make more. Or buy some. We don't mind. I think we all deserve a mince pie. 


Could someone please get me a mince pie actually? I think I need one. 

Thank you. 


Also, Could someone please make it January 1 2017, like right now please?

That'd be good. 


That'd be nice. 


Anyway, moving on.


2. Star Wars Episode VIII: Star Wars Is Officially Gay Now 


Back in February-when 2016 was but an infant, full of hope, potential, and minimal signs of the apocalypse-JJ Abrams, director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, announced that there will be gay characters in the new movies


Now, the next film likely won't be out until December 2017, but just think about much further away from 2016 we'll be by then! We'll have been 2016-free for nearly a whole year. 2016 will be a distant memory, but unfortunately, so will be a time when things were actually good. 


You win some, you lose some. 


When The Force Awakens premiered, many suggested that there might be a blossoming gay romance between Finn (John Boyega) and Poe (Oscar Isaac), but as Boyega has claimed that Finn and Poe are just friends, we're holding out for a lesbian romance to take centre stage in the new blockbuster. 


Please Disney, please please please give Rey the cool, ass-kickin', space-fairin' girlfriend she so rightfully deserves. 


With the general success of LGBT media in 2016, we are sure to see a continuation in this trend, with new shows like Different For Girls, a star-studded web series that may just the new L Word, and which we'll be covering extensively in our February issue. Watch this space for fab gay mums! 


3. LGBT History Month


Ok, this might be a bit of a cheat, as LGBT History Month happens every year, but it's worth thinking about, not just as a sign of "how far we've come", but for what it can do for us.


As a community, although we may share identities and experiences, we are not "raised" by our elders in the same way other communities may be. We may live our whole lives with barely a thought to how the millions before us lived, or are still living today. 


Remembering and celebrating our history shouldn't be merely a chore or a duty, but an opportunity to know that we aren't alone, and that any problem we face now has been faced before, and that we as a community are, and have always been, resilient and brilliant.


4. The Growth And Success Of Social Justice Movements


It may sometimes seem difficult to celebrate the existence and expansion of movements like Black Lives Matter, or #NoDAPL, because they show just how much injustice there is in the world that is not being tackled by the governing bodies which are supposed to protect us (and which is, of course, no news to most of us.)


However, even though these problems still occur, we hope that 2017 is a year where these groups and movements receive continued support and success, and we should all continue to participate in protests, awareness, and amplification.  


It's ok to feel disenfranchised by mainstream politics and political representation, or by how marginalised people are treated on both small and large scales, and to feel like things are "going backwards", but there are things you can do


5. The Great British Bake Off… Sort Of? 


Though we may disagree about politics, we can all agree that it was heart-breaking to see the GBBO team split by Channel 4's acquisition of the show, with Paul Hollywood signing on for three years with Channel 4, while Mel, Sue & Mary decided to stay with the BBC


Rumours abound about the future of the show, including possible new hosts for the Channel 4 series, favourites being Richard Ayoade and Cherish Finden. There is also the possibility of the BBC creating a rival show (UK Cake Off, anyone?) and so if both of them go well, 2017 could turn out to be the greatest year in human history by containing TWICE the normal amount of Bake Off-not so bad after all.


Applications for the Channel 4 show are now open, and will be for the next couple of weeks, if looking fearfully into Paul Hollywood's eyes as he wraps his lips around something your delicate hands carefully wrought is something that would really make your year.  


6. Life Going On


Reading the headlines it can feel like the world is ending, and when you are living in The Last Days, it's hard to plan for the future. 


But it will happen. 


As bad as things are, days, weeks, and months will still pass. We still all have our mundane lives to live among the chaos, and sometimes that's worth remembering, particularly in the moments where we are most stressed about the future.


For me, in 2017 I'll be writing my dissertation (which I should have written half of already…), sitting my finals, graduating, and finding a job. I don't particularly know how I'm going to do any of these things, but they are going to happen, and at the end of it, hopefully I'll have a cute little flat with my girlfriend, and maybe a degree to hang on the wall there too. 


Everything else may fall down, but it's okay to need to focus on small, personal things to make sense of the mess the future often appears to be.


Speaking of which…


7. The Continued Existence Of Dogs And Cats


Those sweet angels. Those darling buddies. Those little friends.


Look at them. Playing, barking, falling over, snoozing. They don't know about Trump; they still don't even know about Theresa May! 


They're just so soft. So precious. So pure. 


They'll still be there in 2017, as they are now, to pet, and to cuddle, and to love. 


They'll still be there. 


(I hope.)




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