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Top 5 reasons to be queer

Why queer rocks our world

Steph Mann

Mon, 03 Dec 2012 15:06:45 GMT | Updated 4 years today

1.  Queer is versatile.


Do you identify as something that goes beyond the labels 'gay', 'lesbian' or 'bisexual'? Do you have any kinks? Like to drag it up sometimes? Most of us have a little queer in us. Queer is freedom. Not just sexually, but emotionally, too. Once you let go of the limits imposed by reductive labels, you find a whole new world opens up to you. I am a lesbian, I am a boi, I used to pass as a boy. I am queer and love it. 


2.  Queer is political.


We're not talking government politics, but social politics. Normal is only normal because it is common. That said, we love common people, and many of us are 'ordinary' but a lot aren't. And that's cool too. Take a stand. Live lifestyles that exist outside of and challenge 'the norm'. Like Joan As Policewoman (pictured). Like Gossip's Beth Ditto, enjoy your body whatever your size, sexual preferences or gender expression. Challenge your own prejudices, question everything - especially the fact that society is organised to benefit the wealthy few. Challenge bigots. And then throw a big party.


3.  Queer doesn't judge.


The queer world is accepting. Lesbian and gay worlds have their own rules don't they? If you are too butch you can be shunned. If you look too femme, how can you be gay? Have you ever come up against this in our own communities? I have. Turned away from gay bars for being too 'straight' looking. Find yourself some wonderful folk into BDSM where you'll find pansexual, transexual, asexual, and just queer people! It is a 'one size fits most' sort of word.


4.  Queer is fun.


Show us another word that covers all of the above. Once used as a derogatory term, queers have long reclaimed the word. Like dyke. We love that word. If someone calls you a dyke hoping to insult you, turn around and say "thanks for the compliment!"  There are a host of clubs out there, like Wotever where you can do things you always wanted to but didn't dare ask.


5.  Queer is......YOU!


Oh go on. You know you want to dip that painted toe in the queer waters. It's warm, it's welcoming and it's fabulous.  Come meet some gender benders, dine with royalty in drag Queens and Kings.  Find clubs that tickle that bit of your soul you have kept hidden.  Queer is not a dirty word, its our word.  Reclaim yours now and let us show you around.

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