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Xmas gifts: Foodie treats for her

Whether she loves making the best food or simply eating it, you won't go far wrong with these Christmas gift ideas

Gemma Rose

Mon, 10 Dec 2012 12:10:48 GMT | Updated 4 years today

Panettone Tradizionale


Carluccio's panettone tradizionale (pictured, boxed), or traditional Italian cake will not look out of place on your dining table this Christmas. A light moist sponge, part bread, part cake is presented in a fabulous, festive red and gold box, and at £16.95 for 1kg, this panettone gets a massive 'si!' from us!

Carluccio's Panettone


Sapore Di Tartufo


This truffle tasting box contains a cheeky taster of truffle butter, truffle honey, truffle salt and black summer truffle in brine. Made from the finest truffles found only in northern Italy, the selection can be used in all sorts, for example, pasta and risotto dishes and can turn any simple meal into something special. Vai, vai, vai…

Carluccio's truffle tasting box


'Proud to lick cake bowls' apron



A 100% cream cotton apron bearing the slogan, 'proud to lick cake bowls' across the chest in pink. Fun and quirky, this apron is perfect for those budding bakers among you, or a perfect gift for anyone who spends their Christmas in the kitchen.


Macaroon Tree



This little gem will be the main attraction of your desert table. 36 French almond macaroons on a self-assembled Christmas tree with a mixture of flavours: raspberry, lemon, chocolate, double chocolate, vanilla and praline. It will make your Christmas dinner almond perfect.


Retro mini popcorn maker



It's got to that time on Christmas day. You've finished your dinner, opened presents and now you have stuck a film on - but you cant stop eating. This retro mini popcorn maker will be perfect for a move night in with your partner or your friends. It doesn't require any oil making it not just a treat, but a healthy one too.

Retro mini popcorn-maker



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