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Do you feel comfortable holding hands with your partner in public?

This advert will bring tears to your eyes.

Roxy Bourdillon

Mon, 13 Feb 2017 16:32:28 GMT | Updated 11 days ago

For some people, holding hands is the most basic way of showing affection to someone they care about, but for same-sex couples this simple action can be fraught with anxiety.


Is anybody looking? Will they say something? Will they embarrass us and ruin our day? Are we safe?


A heart-warming new advert from the Bank of Australia and New Zealand encourages LGBTQ couples to hold hands anyway.


The ad, which has been released to coincide with Sydney Pride, shows a series of same-sex couples in everyday situations - on the bus, watching a film, dining at a restaurant - hesitating over holding hands when strangers are around.


ANZ Bank says:


"Even in 2017, the simple act of holding hands is still difficult for some people - let's change that and #HoldTight."


The bank has an impressive history of supporting LGBT rights. Earlier this year they renamed one branch of ANZ, located in the heart of Sydney's gay district, GAYNZ.


Scroll down now to watch the advert.


Image: YouTube


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