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Heather Peace full of praise for the Pink List

And it's time to make YOUR nominations for the Independent on Sunday's Pink List 2012

Steph Mann

Tue, 23 Oct 2012 12:35:56 GMT | Updated 4 years today

The multi-talented actress and singer, who was number 10 on the list last year, has written a call-to-arms for the Independent on Sunday, saying: "The Pink List is important, because although progression has been made legislatively and perception has shifted in a more positive direction, not enough has really changed.


"There are still too few examples of happy, successful fulfilled gay people in the public eye - on television, radio, in sport, or even covered in broadsheet newspapers - that people can identify with to help to frame their feelings."


Suggesting that the list of smart, talented, creative and ambitious LGBT people can make all the difference for those who experience homophobia and transphobia, Peace was passionate about getting people to nominate their heroines and heroes for consideration on the list.


Now in its twelfth year, the Independent on Sunday is asking DIVA readers to nominate the people you think are the most significant lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender women and men in the UK.


Previous nominees include Sue Perkins and Sir Ian McKellan - well known celebrities and icons, and they have earned their place on the list for their work and inspiration. But the list also honours those in the community who work behind the scenes, those who support us or campaign with little gain or acknowledgement.


Last year's list included Jessie J, Will Young and John Barrowman, to name a few. It also included Elly Barnes, a music teacher and diversity officer, who came in at number 1 reflecting the growing number of extraordinary LGBTs who are not celebrities but are equally important in their nomination and making the list.


Being LGB&T today is still tough. Despite great strides in equality legislation, many people are still scared to come out, or fear that being gay will hold them back professionally.


The list helps put into perspective everything we can achieve, despite or in some cases because of our sexuality or gender. DIVA editor, Jane Czyzselska, one of this year's judges, recognises the importance of the list and how it represents our community.


"I'm honoured to be rejoining the panel of judges on the Pink List this year because it celebrates both those in the public eye who unfailingly promote and support the interests of the LGB&T communities as well as those who are often invisible in the mainstream media but whose work touches the lives of LGBTs and others in a significant and positive way."


Editor of The Independent on Sunday, John Mullin, said: "The Pink List has firmly established itself as the most definitive list of influential and high-profile lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the UK. At The Independent on Sunday we have a history of championing talent from all walks of life and are excited about who will be making it onto this year's list".


Nominations are open now, until 28 October.  Vote by emailing or vote online at

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