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TV personality and singing sensation Sinitta is on tonight's Radio DIVA

Plus Paula Varjack, Heather Peace, Rosie Wilby and a seriously exciting announcement.

Mon, 06 Feb 2017 15:02:18 GMT | Updated 18 days ago

It's another jam-packed edition of Radio DIVA this week.


Our awesome hosts Heather Peace and Rosie Wilby will be joined by TV personality and singing sensation Sinitta, who has been shortlisted for the DIVA 250 Awards in the category of straight ally.


Sinitta told us:


"It is a fantastic honour to be nominated for the DIVA magazine straight ally award. DIVA does an incredible job reporting on and for the LGBT community. And now more than ever, this publication is needed. As a longtime fan and now contributor for the magazine, this nomination is truly wonderful." 


They will also be joined by the  brilliant spoken word artist and multimedia theatre maker Paula Varjack.


Paula can't wait. She told us:


"As a long time reader of DIVA and fan of Resonance, I am thrilled to be going on air with the very charming hosts Rosie Wilby and Heather Peace, to chat about art, money, my relationships with cities and my new favourite spare time activity - disco yoga."


And of course, resident lesbro Jonathan Phang will be on hand to fill us in on all the latest LGBT+ news. Plus DIVA 250 Awards host and star of brand new web series Different For Girls, Rachel Shelley will be back as Radio DIVA's roving reporter.


As if all that wasn't enough, there will also be a huge announcement on the show. It's pretty exciting, if we do say so ourselves, so make sure you tune in to find out first.


Radio DIVA is live on Resonance FM at 6.30pm every Tuesday. Listen on 104.4FM and DAB in London and Brighton, online at or catch up on last week's show now at


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