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DIVA Horoscopes

Aries (21 Mar-19 Apr)

Rise and shine, Aries. You haven't been feeling your usual headstrong self over the past few weeks due to a busy work schedule - but the week ahead is set to be entirely different. Watch your peers look up to you and your friends desperately seek help with personal problems. The ball is now in your court when weighing up close relationships. However, there could be miscommunication when you give out advice. A blase and know-it-all attitude may alienate them and put them off from doing it in the future. Keep that in mind for an emotional Water element.

Trait of the week: BORN LEADER



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Taurus (20 Apr-20 May)

Love is in the air, Taurus. Your love life is set to be a fiery one this week as your love interest is giving you clear and positive signals. No matter how anxious you may get about what they think of you, remember that you're a top notch gal and they're with you for a bloody good reason. You may feel like holding back on expressing your emotions once you're with them. I know it's out of character to let your guard down, but what happens in the moment happens! A cheeky Fire element wants to get to know you.

Trait of the week: ROMANTIC






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Gemini (21 May-21 Jun)

Hold your head up high, Gemini. You may not be feeling it today, but the week ahead is due to be in your favour at your work. Your split personality is set to do you wonders as you'll have to juggle many different personalities and egos. All of this can get very mentally tiring, so set aside some you-time amongst all the commotion. Pay close attention to your actions as you may get caught up in people pleasing - and the last thing you want is to jeopardise any close relationships. An Earth element is getting on your nerves, but try to not let it show.

Trait of the week: ARTICULATE




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Cancer (22 Jun-22 Jul)

Are you there, dear Cancer? Your mind isn't fully engaged this week - so much so that you're struggling to deal with day-to-day tasks without feeling a creeping sense of boredom. But that's okay, my love. It's normal to feel a bit bored when there's not so much going on - just as long as you don't plan to sit on your arse all day. You're at your best when you're emotionally balanced, so plan for the week ahead some activities that won't leave you feeling empty inside. How about that gym sesh you've been putting off since New Year?

Trait of the week: VACANT



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Leo (23 Jul-22 Aug)

Hold your horses, Leo. You've recently been craving a change or new direction with your lifestyle that it's made you forget how good you've got it at the moment. Avoid becoming complacent with your surroundings and keep level-headed, otherwise you'll never feel fully satisfied with your progress. Your accomplishments are ones to be envious of, my friend! So embrace the slow lane and take it all in - all good things happen to those who wait. An Air element you look up to needs your guidance this week.

Trait of the week: HEADSTRONG


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Virgo (23 Aug-22 Sep)

Fair play, Virgo. You've been crushing it at work recently and you're breezing through the days with ease. The week ahead will be no different, as your ideas are set to be praised and even executed. Watch out for your creativity and stamina levels drying up, neglecting to keep your brain busy with the right stuff won't result well for you. You've been feeling rather reserved recently in your love life but that's scheduled to change this Valentine's Day. Show the person who means the most to you the best day ever - you'll love seeing them smile.

Trait of the week: CONFIDENT

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Libra (23 Sep-23 Oct)

Keep it together, Libra. A certain someone in your workplace is proving you the world of bother. It just doesn't make sense to you why someone would be such an arsehole - and why should it? You can only put on a brave face so many times in their company, but you've now reached your limit. Thankfully, things will be very different for you over these next few weeks. Your hard work will pay off and a positive action will come from this situation, thank God! As well as that, your Valentine's Day plans will go down a treat with the Mrs. Check you out.

Trait of the week: PATIENT

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Scorpio (24 Oct-21 Nov)

Good news, Scorpio. The week ahead is only looking positive for you in all departments of your life. Your family is feeling proud of you, your friends see you as inspiration, your work is over the moon with your progress and your love interest is feeling extra keen on you. The only thing left to do is sit back and let the good times roll. Take advantage of this current setting and ask any burning questions you've held up inside you. It's about time you find out whether your work would consider any promotion. You've earned it!

Trait of the week: CHEERFUL

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Sagittarius (22 Nov-21 Dec)

It's not all that bad, Sagittarius. You've woken up this morning feeling hopeless and uninterested for the week ahead - and I'm here to tell you to shape up! A lot of people close to you rely on you and also find you as a source of happiness. Of course, this can be draining and leaves you neglecting your own desires. Will you promise me to have some you-time this week? You plan to, but never get round to it. You also may not be feeling romantic today, but a cosy Valentine's Day coming up will change your mind on that.

Trait of the week: DRAINED



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Capricorn (22 Dec-19 Jan)

You've worked hard - now you can play even harder, Capricorn. You've been jumping through hoops for people recently and doing your best to make others feel happy. This is one of your best qualities, and certainly doesn't go unnoticed. All the more reason to let your hair down this weekend and get absolutely trollied. Not much else is going on at the moment, so why not? You'll love to gossip with your friends and feel like you have no responsibilities again. You've got your eyes on a fellow Earth element this week.

Trait of the week: CELEBRATORY


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Aquarius (20 Jan-18 Feb)

Calm down now, Aquarius. It's perfectly okay to express your inner feelings, but being negative and passive is certainly not okay. A few others around you are wary of your presence and want to avoid upsetting you, so will act like nothing is wrong to get on your good side. If you feel like you're not in the right, it's okay to admit it and talk it through. You have a desire to be appreciated this week for all your hard work - but creativity will run dry by Friday. Plan your weekend to be self-indulgent and relaxing, so you can get back to your playful and active self.

Trait of the week: INDIFFERENT

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Pisces (19 Feb-20 Mar)

Another day, another dollar, Pisces. You've been so caught up in work recently that you've forgotten how to look after other parts of your life. But there's nothing wrong with that, just as long as you don't leave your closest relationships feeling like they don't matter. You are a master at expressing love and making people feel better - but after a long day of work that can be difficult, I get it. This Valentine's Day, plan something that will suit both you and your partner. Talk issues out with them - they'll feel so happy to lend advice.

Trait of the week: BUSY

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