Love writing about all things lez/bi and queer? Studying journalism or looking to break into the industry? We got you.


In case you didn’t already know, here’s a reminder that we at DIVA HQ offer work experience placements to journalism students and those interested in pursuing a career in the media.

Sounds like something you might like to get into? Here’s what a few of our recent work experience folk have had to say…

What would you say to someone interested in doing work experience with DIVA?

“Absolutely go for it! I got a lot out of it and couldn’t recommend it enough. And if you don’t hear back for a while, don’t be discouraged – I heard back months after I applied and was scheduled for work experience a year after I sent my application in – but I got there in the end” Yaiza, July 2019

“Do it! It was a really good opportunity for someone interested in the writing side of the magazine industry, there were lots of chances to develop writing skills, and the staff at DIVA were all super friendly and helpful! :)” – Rachel, June 2019

“I would tell them they’ll have a pretty (queer) exciting experience. It’s also good for someone who wants to hone their skills or apply them in a real-life environment :)” – Bea, May 2019

Sounds great! How do I apply?

To apply, send us your CV together with a covering letter confirming that you are eligible for work experience with DIVA (see our essential policy guidelines below) and outline why you would like to do your work experience with us.

You should also include an original article of up to 400 words, which you have written to appeal to DIVA’s online audience. (Keep in mind that applications that do not demonstrate a clear understanding of DIVA’s editorial intention and audience demographic will not be considered).

Remember to date your covering letter and tell us when you are available for your placement. It is advisable to give at least two months’ notice of your preferred dates and an alternative period if possible.

Send your application with the subject line WORK EXPERIENCE to (or, alternatively

Policy on DIVA work experience placements 

The company recognises that work experience placements can be of benefit to both the business and the individual and it is committed to ensuring the placement is a positive one for the person undertaking work experience.

The company is committed to the principle of equal opportunities to all regardless of age, sex, race, ethnic origin, nationality, religious belief, marital status, gender identification, sexual orientation, HIV status or disability. All application for placements will be treated equally. 

Considerable time and care is taken to ensure that applicants genuinely gain knowledge and benefit from their time with us and this is supported by a comprehensive feedback process, though do be aware that the DIVA team is small and you will be required to work individually (but with supervision) at times.

Many successful work experience applicants have cited their time with us as a major contribution to personal career advancement and some have even gone on to work with us professionally after qualifying.    

Terms & Conditions

1. Work experience opportunities are offered on a strictly non-payment basis, however the company recognises that with student debt and genuine hardship a small travel or expense allowance may be required. Such requests would be considered on an individual basis and in exceptional circumstances may be granted at the sole discretion of a company director. This is subject to the considerable budgetary constraints of the publication and would be agreed in writing beforehand.

2. Placements are accepted on the understanding that you are currently undertaking related educational studies or research.

3. Placements are normally for a period of one to two weeks up to a maximum total placement of four weeks.

4. Due to the nature of the business work experience applicants must be 18 or over. Proof of age will be required.

5. In very exceptional circumstances applicants under 18, but over the age of 16 may be considered, provided parental consent is obtained or it is within a scheme arranged by the Local Educational Authority. Due to the additional administration, closer supervision and mentoring required, there is no guarantee that such a placement will be possible.

6. An induction process will be undertaken and applicants would be expected to follow the policies and procedures detailed in the Handbook of General Rules and Procedures for Freelancers and Work Experience. A copy will be provided on induction.  

7. A written agreement will be signed by both the company’s representative and the individual undertaking the work experience stating there is no obligation between the company and the individual in terms of employment. This will also ensure the terms of the engagement are clear to both parties, such as there are no requirements to have set hours or perform certain tasks and the nature of your work while on site will be one of shadowing or experiencing work.

8. The company reserves the right to terminate a placement at its own discretion and at any point without notice.

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