Locals celebrate the 20th birthday of their “One Human Family” philosophy


First introduced back in 2000 on a free bumper sticker created by local designer JT Thompson, the One Human Family message encapsulates the aspects of real life in Key West.

The city is all about compassion, acceptance and respect, which extends to everyone who resides there or those who come to visit. As the city of Key West marks the 20th birthday of the One Human Family philosophy, the slogan’s creator features in a newly-released dedicated destination video for LGBTQI+ travellers.

The philosophy was officially adopted by the city, and subsequently by Monroe County officials, on behalf of the entire Florida Keys island chain. As One Human Family turns 20, its important message continues to resonate with the people of the city.

One Human Family is particularly treasured by the residents and visitors from the LGBTQI community, nearly 300,000 of whom travel to Key West every year. 

It’s a destination well known for its welcoming and inclusive attitude towards those from minority communities. (You can read more about what DIVA’s Sophie Griffiths thought of Key West and the Sunshine State here).

The new video shows exactly how LGBTQI visitors feel when they come to Key West. It’s an honest and open environment where everyone is free to be themselves. 

“The most amazing thing about Key West is how inclusive it is,” says Thompson. “Everybody is welcomed; diversity is encouraged.”

Key West is also home to Key West Pride (3-7 June 2020) and Womenfest (2-6 September 2020), which continue to draw in plenty of queer travellers year upon year. 

The city’s LGBTQI roots stretch back many years. Celebrated gay playwright Tennessee Williams first visited in 1941 and made his home in Key West, while in 1983 the city elected the United States’ first openly gay mayor.

Another milestone came in 2015 when four permanent rainbow crosswalks were installed by the City of Key West at the intersection of Duval and Petronia streets – the heart of LGBTQI life in Key West.

Make sure you watch their brand new video below. 🌈

For more information on LGBTQI+ stays in the Florida Keys & Key West, visit https://fla-keys.com/key-west/lgbtq.

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