Curse has been released alongside announcing Emily’s upcoming EP


Today is a great day for Emily Burns fans. Not only has she just released her brand new single Curse, she’s also announced that we can expect a brand new EP coming 24 July!

Titled I Love You, You’re The Worst, the upcoming EP will be full of personal lyrics and accompanies the release of her recent vivacious pop anthems, Terrified, Hello and Press Pause. 

The EP follows last year’s acclaimed My Town and PDA EP’s which between them has amassed over nine million streams on Spotify alone. 

Curse is an ode to Emily’s experiences of feeling like an outsider when it comes to love. With heartbreaking lyrics such as: “Everybody’s underneath a curse / But it doesn’t work on me,” Emily perfectly captures that classic feeling of being on your own and struggling to find love.

Emily Burns said: It’s one of the most honest and vulnerable songs I’ve ever written. I wrote it about how everyone else seems to be able to fall in and out of love all the time, and it feels as though I’m an outsider looking in. As if love is this transcendental world that only I don’t know how to access. I decided to use Curse as a metaphor…making out that love is evil and that I don’t actually want to find it.”

During the UK lockdown, Emily has been performing live on Instagram every Wednesday at 6:30pm covering tracks chosen by fans, followed by a Q&A. Emily is also hosting online video meetups via Zoom in a series called Terrified Talks where she and fans can chat together and talk through how they’re all feeling in these unprecedented times.

Make sure you stream Curse below and check out our interview with Emily here if you want to get to know her better!

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