Our favourite medical ladies


Kerry Weaver, ER (Laura Innes)

The no nonsense Chief of Staff at Chicago County General battled with her own internalised homophobia, before finding love with firefighter Sandy Lopez made her champion the rights of LGBT patients and staff alike. 

Callie Torres, Grey’s Anatomy (Sara Ramirez)

Callie’s bisexual storyline in the evergreen Grey’s Anatomy rightly drew praise from every corner of the queer community, in large part due to Ramirez’ sensitive and realistic portrayal. So no real surprise when she came out as bisexual IRL a few years ago. 

Arizona Robbins, Grey’s Anatomy (Jessica Capshaw)

The other half of the couple that’s affectionately known as Calzona, Arizona was the woman who mended Callie’s broken heart and then broke it several more times over the years… but unlike Callie we’re more forgiving and Arizona has been a fan favourite from the start. 

Bernie Wolfe, Holby City (Jemma Redgrave)

When former army major Bernie swept into the surgical ward at Holby City in 2016 it wasn’t only chief surgeon Serena’s heart that began to flutter. After years of watching the American’s do it, we finally get our own hot lesbian doctor onscreen. 

Bill Potts, Doctor Who (Pearl Mackie) 

Okay, so we’re cheating a little here we know, but Bill worked alongside a doctor, not just any doctor but THE Doctor! Even though she was only around for one season, having an out black lesbian character on primetime British television pretty much guarantees Bill Potts place in every Best Five list for years to come! 

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