Lovedown features an all LGBTQI cast and explores virtual dating during COVID-19


Since COVID-19 has seen the cancellation of all of our favourite dating shows, we’ve been craving some raunchy reality TV to get our teeth stuck into – even if they usually don’t feature LGBTQI cast members or couples. But fear not, Lovedown is here to fill that hole.

Lovedown follows groups of men and women as they attempt to date through video calls during a time of UK social distancing. The show is hosted by former Emmerdale actress and The Voice star Kelsey-Beth Crossley. 

To work around the current UK rules of lockdown, casting and filming has been done completely online with a production team all working from home to adhere to social distancing rules. To create the show, the contestants recorded their dates using their own phones or computers and then sent their footage to the production team. 

The raw nature of this adds an authentic feel to the show which captures the current situation for would-be daters during lockdown whilst the personalities of the contestants shine through.

Season one of the dating show featured singles dating members of the opposite sex and offered a number of hilarious and heart-warming moments. Season two is dedicated to the LGBTQI community with boys and girls dating members of the same-sex. 

Lovedown Season Two Pride Season began broadcasting from its YouTube channel last week to coincide with the end of the UK Pride Month celebrations – many of which have had to be cancelled this year.

Speaking about the show, Kelsey-Beth said: “Being single isn’t so bad when you have hobbies/a career/friends, but one day when that’s all stripped from you and all you’re allowed to do is DIY, bake and exercise, it’s nice to have a partner to share the highs and lows with.”

“I have enjoyed this experience so much, the love birds are such warm, lovely people with big personalities and hopefully we can play a tiny part in helping them find love or even just giving them and our viewers a few laughs in a hard time. Watching the footage and meeting everyone virtually has brought such light to the long days and we are all having a blast!”

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