The advisory board has launched to mark the end of Pride Month


Senior religious figures and academics from across the main religions and Christian denominations have united to form an Advisory Board for the Ozanne Foundation, to help advise how best to tackle discrimination and prejudice within religious organisations. 

The panel consists of nine members, each of whom are well respected within their own religious groups and are each personally committed to the full inclusion of all. 

The Advisory Board will be focused on speaking out on a range of issues affecting the LGBTQI community, the most immediate of which is the need to ban conversion therapy and support a better understanding of the needs of trans people. 

They range from the Senior Rabbi to Reform Judaism, Rabbi Laura Janner Klausner to the Former President of the Methodist Conference, Revd Michaela Youngson to the Hindu Council UK’s Interfaith Director, Anil Bhanot. 

Other members include the well-known Irish political correspondent, Ursula Halligan, who is Joint Co-ordinator of We Are Church in Ireland and who is credited for helping sway the Irish same-sex marriage referendum vote when she came out, as well as Frederick Hyde Chambers, a gay married man who chairs the Buddhist Chaplaincy Support Group.

Announcing the launch of the Board, the Chair of the Ozanne Foundation – the Rt Revd Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool said: “We are thrilled that such a distinguished group of leaders has accepted our invitation to work together, advising us on the best way to tackle prejudice and discrimination in religious organisations on the grounds of sexuality or gender.  We have so much that we can learn from each other, and I am hugely grateful for the commitment each member has shown in starting to change the dialogue around faith, sexuality and gender identity, so as to ensure ‘Just Love for All’.”

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