The new online comedy drama explores female friendship, relationships and menopause, filmed entirely in lockdown


Not all filming has come to a stop during lockdown. Dun Breedin’ is a great example of pure creative genius and pulling together to create a show that is extraordinarily DIY. Since first premiering on YouTube in April, the show has amassed thousands of views and has been praised online by many, and here at DIVA we can see why.

Dun Breedin’ is a new comedy drama that explores the experiences of a group of women who have formed and forged relationships through marriages, births, deaths, depression, loss, domestic violence and now the menopause. 

Set in Brighton, it explores their lives and relationships, as well as the reality of going through the menopause, with humour and honesty. It’s a stage of life that is largely ignored and practically invisible when it comes to comedy or drama, but Dun Breedin’ tackles it head on, reminding us all to have a sense of humour when it comes to taboo topics. 

Under lockdown, filming took place in the homes and gardens of the cast, Tamzin Outhwaite, Denise Welch, Angela Griffin, Alison Newman and Tracy Ann Oberman. Each actor also enlisted the support of the family members they were locked down with, urging them to take on crew roles and in some cases acting roles. 

Maybe it will turn into full length TV series one day? Let’s see what cast members Alison Newman and Julie Graham have to say…

Alison Newman on her character Wanda 

“I love Wanda. She’s warm, loyal and passionate about her friends. She’s pretty down-to-earth and not interested in superficial stuff. She’s a single mum to teenager Ozzie. Her ex-husband (and father to Ozzie) was an alcoholic and abusive towards her which has left her with some self-confidence issues. We meet her at a point in her life where she’s wondering what else is out there for her.”

Julie Graham on her character Roo

“Roo doesn’t take any prisoners. Funny, loyal, smart. She’s a great friend but a formidable enemy! She has a temper, magnified by horrific menopausal symptoms which manifest in road rage times ten!”

Alison Newman on filming a series at home 

“We were all sent a kit to film with (camera, lights and a microphone). We sent Robin our director pictures and floor-plans of our houses and she sent us back diagrams of where to put the camera and the shots she needed. We filmed it and sent the footage off to be edited. It was initially really stressful – I didn’t have a clue, and dragging my husband away from his work to film me was an extra level of stress. But it quickly became enjoyable as we got more confident with what we were doing – a brilliant, collaborative, creative distraction from COVID-19. I now have an even higher level of respect for the true crew professionals on a film set, who make actors’ lives oh so easy.”

Julie Graham on writing the show 

“I was writing and developing it with an aim to have it commissioned as a broadcast series when the world suddenly changed. So we decided to film mini 10 minute tasters as a calling card to commissioners and launch it ourselves, all filmed in lockdown but crucially not set in lockdown. I think we’ve all had enough of that!”

Check out episode one below and head over to YouTube to check out the rest of the series: 

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