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DIVA has launched a series of DIVA Community exclusive and live Zoom chats with some of our lovely friends and supporters called #TheRileyInterviews. 

This Friday (10 July) at 8pm, Claire Harvey, the curator of the recent LGBTQI Women at Work conference as part of Lesbian Visibility Week, will be joining our guest host Polly Shute for a chat via Zoom. 

Claire Harvey brings years of public sector, regulatory, corporate and third sector leadership experience, and an impressive record of impact and achievement through positive disruption and culture change. Her passion is the future of work; working with both schools, universities and corporate workplaces, ensuring that young people are ready to be great leaders of the future in organisations that have positive cultures. Coupled with a fascinating sporting record as a Paralympian, Claire’s personal and career journey provide a powerful credibility and capability to influence culture in organisations that few others can.

Launched as a way of bringing the lez/bi community closer together with everything that’s happening in the world right now, the Facebook-based, digital hangout DIVA Community has grown to a membership of almost 6,000 women and allies, hailing from all around the globe. Pretty impressive, eh? So we thought it’s time to give back to you wonderful lot. 

Claire Harvey will be interviewed in the DIVA Community this Friday at 8pm

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Join our DIVA Community here to join this exclusive chat with Claire Harvey this Friday. 

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