The perfect soundtrack to your whirlwind summer romance


The first song off of their brand new double-single EP, due out this August, Lotion Princess have just dropped In The Summer. 

If you’re not already familiar with them, Lotion Princess are and indie-pop band bringing deeply personal queer narratives to life through their catchy, upbeat music. They represent all facets of love, from the good to the bad. 

Their latest single In The Summer details a particular relationship that had powerful chemistry, but toxic elements that transformed into an intense, all-consuming summer whirlwind romance.

It’s a fiery song that was written on a back porch during the final daylight hours of an August afternoon. A dramatic, early summer romance inspired the story-line and the message of the track. 

For Lotion Princess, writing the song was about finally releasing that person and finally being able to move on. 

Lotion Princess was started by front-woman Sasha Elisabeth back in 2016 in a house known by its community as The Giant Peach following the worst breakup of her life, and she hasn’t held anything back since. Lotion Princess found roots in the DIY music scene in Washington, DC, where she met friends and collaborators who joined up with the project, Katie Parker (bass, vocals), Andrew Grossman (guitar) and Tommy Sherrod (drums). 

Sasha says of the new track: “I’ve never danced so much while recording music, and it’s never felt so easy and celebratory. I really landed on a message true to me and my life.”

Make sure you listen to In The Summer below.

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