Sophie Griffiths on the multi-instrumentalist playing on DIVA’s heart strings


Tash Sultana is a non-binary Australian musician with bags of talent. They grew up in Melbourne and began playing the guitar from the age of three. Since then, they have mastered 12 instruments including the saxophone, bass, flute and trumpet (to name just a few) and their insanely advanced musical abilities make for a distinct sound, earning Tash huge success worldwide and a lotta love from DIVA. 

The 23 year-old started their musical career busking on the streets of Melbourne in order to make a living after recovering from a drug addiction and failing to secure a regular job. 

Tash’s big break came thanks to the internet after homemade live recordings and videos of their busking made it viral on YouTube. Two of their tunes – Notion and Jungle – have now racked up over 50 million views each.  

Following their viral success, Tash announced their first world tour, including hundreds of shows in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and here in the UK. A pretty tough gig considering just a year before they were recording songs on a Go-Pro in their bedroom. It was such a huge deal that their father resigned from his job so that he could join them on tour! 

Some may associate Tash with looping abilities, but it is acoustically where their passion shines through. When playing live, Tash is explosive. They are masterful at commanding the attention of any size audience and their unique style has people queuing up all over the world. Their music has a magical quality as they loop the sounds of more than 15 instruments and jump from an intense guitar solo to a pan pipe interlude all in the space of one song. 

Tash is unstoppable as they continue to tour all over the world and collaborate with some of the biggest names in the music industry. We’re telling you, they’re one to watch! 

Follow Tash on Instagram @tashsultanaofficial.

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