Follow these simple steps to show solidarity in your every day life


There are various ways that you can help black-owned businesses to survive COVID-19 and to show your support for the current Black Lives Matter movement. A primary way to help is to divert your spending towards Black-owned businesses. But this is by no means the only way to ensure social solidarity, and there are many paths forward. Some of these steps you can take are outlined below.

Use social media

Social media remains one of the best ways to make a positive impact on Black business ownersAfter all, it’s free. Make your voice heard, follow leaders that you trust within this movement, and follow Black-owned businesses on Twitter and Facebook. Get your friends involved and cite some studies and statistics on the subject matter to generate awareness. Social media is probably one of the most powerful tools at your disposal to assist.

Get informed

By simply understanding the obstacles that Black business owners face and the history of black people, you will be doing a lot to assist. It will help you to explain it to others and to see why this is an underprivileged group that needs support and attention at the current time. It always helps to stay informed and to know the figures.

For example, while corporations are saying they are going to address concerns, they tend to have a poor track record. And in a survey of Black economists carried out by the American Economic Association, only 14% agreed with the statement that “people of my race/ethnicity are respected within the field.” The more you know about any particular issue, the better you can respond to it and ultimately resolve it.

Without being made aware of such issues, the problems will not be addressed. As a consumer and a citizen, you have the financial and social power to help out disempowered groups, and this particular group is clearly disempowered.

Make Black purchases

Try to shop with Black-owned businesses in your local area to give them some financial support amidst the disaster. It’s important to make a distinction here. You are not “anti-white” – you are “pro-black”. There is a huge difference between attacking one group and empowering another.

In terms of racial discrimination, it is typically a tiny percentage of any one group that is causing all of the difficulties. So make purchases at Black stores, but don’t feel you need to boycott white stores.

Be actively involved

With the Black Lives Matter Movement sweeping the world, there are tonnes of petitions, movements, and organisations that you can join to better the lives of black people. You might even consider being a group leader, attending a peaceful protest/event, or setting up your own petition. Needless to say, you will be making a peaceful protest.

If you feel strongly about the matter, be intelligent with your words, your money, and your voice. In order to be actively involved, it definitely helps to understand what is going on and do your research.

Donate directly to Black Businesses

Many Black-owned businesses have been hit very hard with the recent COVID-19 crisis and have also been victims of looting during the protests. You can make a direct financial contribution to help out. It does not have to be a huge sum of money, and every little helps.

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