A particular track on Folklore has got our gaydars on high alert


Happy Taylor Swift day everyone! After having absolutely no time to prepare ourselves emotionally, Tay only went and dropped her latest album, Folklore, this morning. There’s no denying Taylor may have single-handedly saved 2020. 

Folklore has received rave reviews from fans and critics alike, but the queer community has sniffed out a song that has had the internet exploding all day long. *Gasps in gay* 

Betty is track number 14 on the album and it’s a queer anthem for the ages. It’s a song from the perspective of a teenager who is in love with a classmate and wants to kiss her lady lover on the porch. 

The song opens: “Betty, I won’t make assumptions / About why you switched your homeroom but / I think it’s ’cause of me.”

Later she sings: “Yeah, I showed up at your party / Will you have me? /Will you love me? / Will you kiss me on the porch/ In front of all your stupid friends?”

There’s even a line about skate-boarding past her lovers house. There’s absolutely no denying that’s a bit queer. 

To say Swifties are loving it would be an understatement. Here’s some of our favourite Twitter reactions: 

Listen to Betty below and revel in its sapphic brilliance.

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