Agnieszka Holland is facing legal action for speaking out against far-right policies in Poland


As one of the most high-profile defenders of human rights in Poland today, Agnieszka Holland is being targeted by international law-firm Ordo Iuris. 

Agnieszka Holland is an Oscar-nominated free-thinking and forward-looking film-maker who has protested against the persecution of LGBTQI people in Poland, drawing attention to the way the role of law is being eroded by the current Law and Justice government (PiS). 

The law-firm is the instrument of this politically motivated and aggressive witch-hunt of any individual who speaks against brutal, unconstitutional and far-right policies. 

Their website states: “The Ordo Iuris Institute for Legal Culture is an independent legal organisation incorporated as a foundation in Poland. It gathers academics and legal practitioners with the aim of promoting a legal culture based on respect for human dignity and rights.”

It is clear from their actions towards Agnieszka Holland that their definition of human dignity and rights does not apply to individuals within the LGBTQI community.

Agnieszka’s case is based on an interview she gave where she claimed that the Institute has introduced “facist laws.” Ordo Iuris are therefore demanding an apology published on the portal where the portal where the interview was issues and in one of the Polish national daily newspapers. 

Maciej Kryczka from the Ordo Iuris Litigation Centre said: “The statements by Agnieszka Holland and Anna Maria Żukowska have clearly violated the good name of the Institute. Their aim was to undermine the reputation and credibility of Ordo Iuris by disseminating false and slanderous statements about the Foundation’s activities. The Institute would like to emphasise that in response to all untrue information presenting its activities in a false light, legal action will be taken.”

This petition comes just a matter of weeks after the Polish president, Andrzej Duda, pledged to fight “LGBT ideology.” 

PiS has been accused of democratic backsliding and erosion of the rule of law since winning a parliamentary majority in 2015. It has often hit out at LGBTQI rights rather than addressing the homophobia that can be seen in the Polish government. 

As of June this year, some 100 municipalities  encompassing about a third of the country, declared themselves “LGBT-free zones.”  

Sign the petition to stop the persecution of Agnieszka Holland here today. 

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