Our Baby: A Modern Miracle is a fascinating documentary exploring a transgender couple’s journey to becoming parents 


Starting a family can be a difficult process for many people, but especially so when both parents are transgender. 

Jake and Hannah Graf, the most high-profile transgender couple in the UK, welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Millie, in April during the heigh of the COVID-19 pandemic, two years after their marriage. 

Tonight, in an intimate documentary, we will see their incredible story as they seek to start a family. 

From initially meeting their surrogate, to embryo transfers, scans, preparing to welcome a child in the middle of a pandemic, and the birth itself, we will have a glimpse into how their miracle Millie came into the world. 

The British couple first discussed their intention to have a baby together in 2018 before announcing that they used a surrogate for Jake who froze his eggs before his gender-affirmation surgery when he was 36.

Jake, who began his transition at the age of 28, decided to have his eggs harvested in an “invasive and painful” procedure to keep the door open to the possibility of becoming a father.

Speaking to Attitude, Jake said: ”The clinic told me upfront that they had never treated ‘anyone like me’”.

“They had no idea if the treatment would work, no statistics nor anecdotal evidence of a trans man harvesting and storing eggs, but kindly offered, at considerable cost, to give it a go.”

Hannah, 32, formerly the highest-ranking trans officer in the British Army, left her position in 2018, switching to a job in finance, to prepare to raise a child.

The trailblazing trans activists and happy couple announced in December that they were expecting their first child via a surrogate, and welcomed Mille on 17 April this year. 

Make sure you catch Our Baby: A Modern Miracle this evening at 10pm on Channel 4. 

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