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Just like the pay gap, the orgasm gap is the very real disparity between men and women in remuneration. Only with the Orgasm Gap rewards are counted in Oh!’s between the sheets, rather than 0’s on the paycheck. Sh!, the pioneering sexual wellness brand is determined to redress this balance.

In celebration of National Orgasm Day and to launch 30 Days of Oh! actress and television personality Denise Welch has lent her sultry voice to Sh! Whispers. This whimsical, empowering audio story, written by BAFTA award winner Jacquie Lawrence, tells of a woman determined to rediscover her orgasmic potential, or as Denise’s character puts it;  an oversexed butterfly, emerging from a cocoon of frigidity!”

Sh! founder, Ky Hoyle, said: “Every woman who tells us they had their first orgasm through the advice we gave, is a win, but studies show the barriers to female pleasure are not being eroded fast enough. We’ve created this course, accessible worldwide, to spread our knowledge and to empower women with the information and confidence they need to work towards orgasm-surity”

The studies show that men, specifically straight men, have such surity, with 95% saying they orgasm every time they have partnered sex. Only 65%  of straight women say they reach the big O during those encounters.

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We celebrating #NationalOrgasmDay & the launch of our ‘30 Days of Oh! course ( search to 👀) with a Sh! Whisper, read gorgeously by @Denise_Welch who says’ I was keen to lend my voice to such an empowering project. Women’s sexual expression is central to their wellbeing and it’s crucial that we celebrate the power of Oh’ (This is a teaser snippet – listen to full story: We couldn’t agree with you more Denise! Unfortunately the powers that be don’t seem to agree and we appear to have had our legs slapped by big bro IG ( today of ALL days, when all we want to be doing is celebrating the Big Oh!;) If you could repost to try and help us out of detention, we’d be grateful. Whatever you do, celebrate your body and your right to pleasure today and everyday! With Love Xxx

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“A lack of body confidence, not prioritising their own pleasure,  not knowing their bodies, not being ‘in the moment’, not mixing it up… All this can contribute to women being left high and dry in the orgasm stakes” continues Hoyle.

 30 Days of Oh! aims to redress this by teaching women orgasmic techniques over the course of a month, with homework practice in between modules.

Denise Welch – star of Loose Women, Waterloo Road, Waterloo Road and author of the Sunday Times bestseller The Unwelcome Visitor said: “I was keen to lend my voice to such an empowering project. Women’s sexual expression is central to their well-being and it’s crucial that we celebrate the power of the Oh.”

The UK’s first ever store dedicated to female pleasure, Sh! is a pioneering, multi award-winning company dedicated to women’s sexual wellbeing.

Established in 1992, Sh! Is on a mission to help all women (and those that love them) discover their true sexual selves, whatever their age, sexuality, health or relationship status.

Head over to Sh! Women’s Store to treat yourself this National Orgasm Day.

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