Nobody Knows is the latest offering from Sarah’s upcoming album Another Me, due later this month 


Sarah Walk is wasting no time in the run up to her sophomore album Another Me and is giving us plenty of singles and music videos while we wait. Nobody Knows is her latest offering, and we can’t get enough. It sees Sarah even more vulnerable than ever as she opens up about her struggle with depression with lyrics that are as profound as they are personal.

It’s the follow up to previous singles What Do I Want and Unravel, and sees Sarah falling victim to her unrelenting inner voice. The lyrics repeat the question “What if it never comes?” until it becomes malicious, an audible representation of the inner voice torturing her for her procrastination. 

Sarah says: “I wrote Nobody Knows during a time of depression for me where I felt like I couldn’t muster up the ambition or drive to get through the discomfort needed to get to a point of creation.”

“It’s like a double-edged sword because you feel depressed so you don’t want to do anything, but then you feel even more depressed because you haven’t felt able to get anything done. I was feeling stuck in the middle of that cycle and not sure how to break out of it.”

Check out the music video for Nobody Knows below. 

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