Join Rose and Rosie on their most intimate adventure yet, launching today exclusively on Spotify 


They’ve super-kissed, they’ve got married, they’ve overshared, and we’ve watched their whole relationship develop across their social channels, books and documentaries.

Now Rose and Rosie are diving into the terrifying and exciting world of parenthood, and of course, they’re taking us along for the ride. 

Join them for their weekly Podcast on Spotify, over the next 12 weeks, and find out just how determined the pair are to start a family, and the whole host of mind-boggling decisions that come with it. 

It’s a pretty big deal, right? There’ll be deep chats with friends who’ve been there and done it and Rose and Rosie will discuss their own plans for raising a kid in an ever evolving social climate. 

The couple hope that the podcast will help others in similar situations find access to more information, join in on the parenting debates, and know they aren’t alone on this journey which is notorious for being an unpredictable emotional rollercoaster. 

Parental Guidance will document the comedic duo’s sometimes challenging, but always entertaining, journey to same-sex parenthood, in classic Rose and Rosie style. Who else is gonna straight-up interview a sperm donor about his suitability on a podcast? 

We’ll get to hear all about how they got to this point, the expectations they have for parenthood and how they plan to do it. Expect sparkly and honest humour in this new podcast, only on Spotify. 

It’s the Rose and Rose we know and love, but more intimate than ever. 

Rosie Spaughton said: “It’s like climbing into bed with a best friend at a sleepover and you’re talking about everything. It’s a safe space, and maybe you shout, maybe you cry, but you know that you’re guaranteed to laugh.”

Rose Ellen Dix said: “We’re more raw and open on Parental Guidance than we’ve ever been before. There’s something so intimate about a podcast: you’re in someone’s ear walking around confiding in them like a friend. We like intimacy!” 

Click here to listen to Rose and Rosie: Parental Guidance, exclusively on Spotify with new episodes coming every Monday. 

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