The story behind the UK’s LGBTQI finance network


LGBT Money launched way back in 2009, firstly branded as LGBT Finance. It was set up after one of the company’s directors shared the story of an LGBTQI friend, who told them that she felt humiliated and embarrassed after a meeting with a financial adviser. She felt judgments had been made about her and described the atmosphere as “hostile”. It was a meeting that left her in tears and certainly isn’t an isolated event for members of the LGBTQI community.

LGBT Money initially was and still is a response to this kind of mindset.

The truth is: the finance industry – alongside the legal profession – is one of the more conservative business sectors in the UK, in contrast to say, media or medicine (in our experience).

As recently as 2017, one of the leading UK-based pension firms (we’ll spare their blushes) was strangely incapable of addressing correspondence to same-sex couples, blaming it on “technology”. 

LGBT Money is not in any way suggesting the entire financial sector is riddled with closed minds; but we figure it’s nice for clients to speak with advisers who they know are positive in their outlook towards the LGBTQI community and can guarantee any face-to-face meetings (right now Zoom/Skype-based, of course) to be rewarding and safe experiences. 90% of our advisers identify as LGBTQI.

We met up with the team at DIVA a few months ago and it seemed that they liked what we do almost as much as we like what they do. Doing something together seemed logical, so here we are. 

We’re here to connect you with a nationwide network of chartered financial advisers (the gold standard in the industry), all focused on making things better for you. This includes mortgages and remortgages, life insurance, pensions, as well as issues we know to be specifically concerning such as inheritance tax rules for LGBTQI couples.

You can get in touch with us here:, or by visiting our website, and we will be back to you promptly to ensure you get the financial help and advice you need.

LGBT Money are paid  a commission resulting from any business you may choose to do and that is shared evenly with DIVA. 

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