“Not every man is qualified to become a sperm donor”


For many same-sex couples, using a sperm donor is one of the preferred options when it comes to creating a family. Cryos, located in Denmark, is the world’s largest sperm bank with more than 1,000 donors online. But who are these male donors and what does this process involve for them?

Who are the donors?

The donors are physically, and mentally fit heathy men aged between 18 and 45 years. Because Cryos is located in Denmark, the majority of the sperm donors are Caucasian, however there are donors of all ethnicities. More than 50% of the donors are in a relationship and 50% are also blood donors (not compensated in Denmark). Many of the donors are students and almost 50% have or are currently pursuing higher education. 

How do they become donors?

You might be surprised to learn that not every man is qualified to become a sperm donor. The Cryos’ sperm donor program has a lot of donor requirements and pre-donation screening protocols. Each donor undergoes a psychological assessment and a thorough screening process. They are tested for infectious and hereditary diseases – and most importantly their sperm quality needs to be tip-top. Far from all applicants meet the standard – in fact, only about 5-10% of donor applicants actually become sperm donors at Cryos.

What motivates them?

There are a lot of different things that motivate men to become donors, but the main motivation is the desire to help others. Koroush (alias name), a Cryos sperm donor, explains:

“I am a sperm donor because I am a dad myself and I want to help people who can’t have children without help. To be a dad is the most important title in my life. That is why I know how important it is to have the possibility to have children. That is my driving force”. 

Not all of the donors have children, but rather they have friends or relatives who have experienced difficulties becoming parents, and as a result the donor has witnessed first-hand just how challenging a fertility journey can be.  Some are also motivated by the thorough health check that they get before becoming a donor but also throughout their donation period and some donors are motivated by the compensation. 

Facts about sperm donation:

  • You order the sperm online.
  • If the donor has an ID-Release donor profile, the child can access information about the donor, when he or she turns 18.
  • You can reserve donor sperm from your favourite donor for future treatments or siblings. 
  • One of the parameters to measure sperm quality is called MOT (Motility) and is the amount of active sperm cells pr. Milliliter sperm. 
  • You can view photos of selected sperm donors as adults as well as baby photos. 

If you have any questions regarding the screening process or fertility treatment with donor sperm, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service by phone: +45 86 76 06 99 or email: dk@cryosinternational.com

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