FASHION: Well suited

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Eleanor Margolis reflects on why queer women and tailoring are the perfect fit BY ELEANOR MARGOLIS Gillian Anderson in a suit. Cate Blanchett in a suit. Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner… in a suit. All of these have – at various times – sent Lesbian Twitter into a frenzy. A by-product of the fashion industry’s [….]

CULTURE: Sober curious

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Young adults are changing drinking culture – and guess what? Queer women are leading the way BY DANIELLE MUSTARDE We have a funny relationship with alcohol, us Brits. Growing up in the sticks in the northeast of England, I was perhaps a little behind some of my city-raised kin. Still, I was just 15 years [….]

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NEWS: What LGBTQI women want from advertisers…

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Facebook are here to drive business equality for LGBTQI women, providing an insight into what we want from brands  BY SOPHIE GRIFFITHS Cast your mind all the way back to April earlier this year and you might remember a little event that happened by the name of Lesbian Visibility Week. It was a week of [….]