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Facebook are here to drive business equality for LGBTQI women, providing an insight into what we want from brands 


Cast your mind all the way back to April earlier this year and you might remember a little event that happened by the name of Lesbian Visibility Week. It was a week of setting the agenda for our community and changing what it means to be an LGBTQI woman in society today. 

As part of Lesbian Visibility Week, DIVA* conducted the biggest ever piece of research focusing on the lives and the specific needs of LGBTQI women – The DIVA Survey LGBTQI Women’s Insight 2020. 

It covered areas such as LGBTQI spaces, safety, coming out and relationships but there was nothing that covered marketing, advertising or branding in our survey – a key element when it comes to increasing LGBTQI representation. That’s where our good friends over at Facebook stepped in. They identified a gap in our research and leant us a helping hand to fill it. 

Off the back of our DIVA survey as part of Lesbian Visibility Week, Facebook decided to delve even deeper into what LGBTQI women want with their very own Marketing and Me Survey, to connect and accelerate business actions that build a more diverse and inclusive future.

From their research, Facebook found that less than 1/3 of LGBTQI women believe they are represented in advertising, which is why 77% of you DIVA readers said that you want more brands to support LGBTQI women’s issues, presenting brands a huge opportunity to champion diversity in their work.

There have been hugely successful and powerful advertising campaigns in the past year that show appealing to LGBTQI audiences can massively boost advertising. An advert by Renault Clio last year racked up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views and went viral on Twitter, purely because of positive LGBTQI representation that made our community feel seen and counted in the media.

74% of you said that you would be more likely to choose a brand where you see yourself represented and to do so effectively, brands need to meet understand diversity and inclusion with their advertising and show us a wide-range of LGBTQI individuals. 

Of the LGBTQI women surveyed by DIVA and Facebook, 33% of you said you were business owners yourselves and 76% wanted to learn how to use new Facebook tools to drive business growth. 

Well, what’s holding you back? Facebook have their very own business service called Boost with Facebook and they are dedicated to supporting you in any way that they can, understanding and supporting women in the LGBTQI community in meaningful ways. 

Boost with Facebook offers great opportunities for businesses to learn more about digital skills. For example, there’s downloadable PDF’s on how to use free marketing tools, webinars and training and specific resources to support SMB’s during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It’s a fantastic way for LGBTQI led businesses to grow and innovate by learning how to incorporate our specific needs into the all of the work that they do. 

Learn how to appeal to LGBTQI audiences in your advertising, develop key marketing skills and drive your business even further by using Boost With Facebook today. 

*The original DIVA Survey was conducted by Kantar.

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